Will smart bulbs get cheaper?

As the topic we discuss 2 weeks ago:Are smart bulbs worth it?We listed a lot of functions and features the smart bulbs equip,and some buyers left comment below the article and ask us about the price of smart bulbs,some of them feel that smart bulbs are very expensive especially some brands as Philips,Sengled and Lifx.However,for smart home decoration,instillation of smart light bulb is the primary step,so will smart bulbs get cheaper?Or why smart bulbs so expensive?

Below we would analyze some Influencing factors of smart bulbs price.

Smart home means expensive equipment?

Who use most smart bulbs?

You might be very curious about this question,anything related to price?OK,you know that some families which have more than 10 family members for which would be crowded to live in a single storey apartment,so they would always live in detached villa usually with more than 2 floors,for this reason,it would be trouble for people to control the lighting,to turn off the light on the 2nd floor but he might have to go downstairs to reach the switch.So smart bulbs work with app or voice control would solve this problem,and in the same time,consumer desire would change from ‘like to’ to ‘have to’,and numbers of lights in need for this kind of families to light up every corner of the house.Demand affects supply,they create the market of smart light bulbs and their Rigid demand smart bulbs market a Seller market,so you see,price would be high for some time.

Replace your bulbs to smart bulbs

Where to use smart bulbs

Extensive degree of application for a product would decide the substitutability of this product.Nowadays,tech of smart led bulbs are more and more mature and a lot of Derived products come out,for home security producers create light bulbs with camera inside,for ceiling decoration they create smart light strips,for used in any lamp they create smart bulbs different bases like e26 smart bulbs/e12 smart bulbs which are most used for USA and b22 smart bulbs/e14 smart bulbs for UK,differant shape like a19 smart bulbs/a15 smart bulbs/candelabra smart bulbs and so on,all these new creation enable smart bulbs to be used in kitchen/living room/bedroom/bathroom/corridor/entrance of a house.

What’s more,with a lot of functions equiped,smart bulbs works more than a light source,what a real smart bulb is a bulb with basic features of connection to Wi-Fi/color-changing/dimmable/app control/voice control(compatible with Amazon alexa/Google home assistant/Apple home-kit).To upgrade,like Philips smart bulbs can even change color with Musical melody.

So you see,Multi-scenario use and Multifunction are also 2 key factors to support the price of smart light bulbs.

Smart bulbs would surely get cheaper

That’s right,the intrinsic value of consumer groups and products determines that the current price of smart lamps is not cheap.However, at the same time, there are also a large number of manufacturers, especially Chinese manufacturers, who have sprung up into the ranks of manufacturers of smart lamps.This will lead to intensified competition within the smart lighting industry. Large-scale production demand will force the maturity of production technology. This means that product costs will gradually decrease, and product quality will tend to be standardized, thus stimulating bio-innovative and intelligent lamps.

Will smart bulbs get cheaper?

For example, if you compare the number of smart lighting brands in 2017 with the number of smart lighting brands in 2019, you will find that it has increased by nearly a hundred times. This crazy scale has also greatly reduced the price of smart lighting, even if it is Well-known brands like Philips are no exception.

So don’t worry,if you want a cheaper smart bulbs now,you can consider a smart bulb which do not need a hub,though stability would not be as good as the ones with a hub,but it reduces the price by nearly double.


What smart bulbs should I buy?

Features your smart light bulbs should have

  1. work with alexa/Google home/siri
  2. Remote control
  3. Connect to Wi-Fi
  4. Color-changing
  5. Time-setting

Comparison of smart bulbs brands

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Philips Hue the most famous smart light bulb
LIFX stable smart light bulb
IKEA cheap, easy-to-use smart light bulb
TP-LINKno hub in need smart light bulb
SENGLED simplicity and low price smart light bulb


It is almost certain that the most famous smart light bulb is Philips Hue, which has become synonymous with these devices – Philips has been launching these bulbs for many years, and now there are a variety of lighting options to install each home and garden.


Lifx bulbs are used from Kickstarter, but they are now true, real products that can perform everything that the best smart bulbs should have – instantly respond to your voice, smartphone apps and even smartwatch commands. They work with other systems such as Alexa, SmartThings, and Nest.


If you’ve been wandering around IKEA recently, you may have noticed that Trådfri smart lights have started popping up – they are a cheap, easy-to-use way to start your best smart bulb search, even though you didn’t get it with Philips Hue and As many features as Lifx and other products.


Compared to Philips Hue and Lifx, TP-Link products have a limited range, although you can’t do too much with these bulbs, but we shine with them (actually puns). They are cheap and you can get up and running very easily without having to buy a separate gateway or hub.


Picking things out of the Sengled Element series as one of the best smart bulbs of 2019 has two main reasons – their simplicity and low price. If you want to save money, please browse through the various options.


Smart light bulbs smart your life

Smart home is a major innovation theme of home decoration, and it is also a major trend in the future of home life. As a part, smart lighting, it is worthy of our layout. The lamps give us the living conditions, while the smart lamps embellish our lives.

Will smart bulbs get cheaper?


I believe that in the near future, smart lamps will enter thousands of households like the light bulbs invented by Edison,and use the same way incandescent lamps illuminate each household to add color to each household.

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