Why is so much wine consumed in Vatican City?

According to the California Wine Institute, the Vatican, the smallest sovereign country in the world, has become the country with per capita wine consumption. Per capita wine consumption in the Vatican is 74 liters, which is equivalent to 98 bottles (standard bottles).

The oldest wine in the world

Five years ago, Radio Hessen rated the longest-preserved and edible food in the world. The fifth to second place are: pickles in 1928, whiskey in 1886, asparagus in 1820, 1780 Champagne of the year.

Is it worth writing an article for the “unflavored” grain whiskey?

In the value chain of whiskey, single malt whisky stands proudly as the king all year round. With its rare vintages and single-barrel wines, the single-malt whisky has repeatedly sold the price of a single bottle at the price of first-tier cities. The blended whiskies produced by Johnnie Walker and Suntory, relying on excellent quality and excellent packaging (such as expensive bottles), have also made the limelight; however, when it comes to grain whiskey, let alone on the auction house, even on amazon. It is rarely seen. Is it possible that it is only worthy of a supporting role in the corner of the whisky world?

Health myth: Is drinking red wine really good for health?

Even if millions of people die every year due to good wine and gluttony, the history of human drinking has been thousands of years. In the past few decades, wine in particular has won the reputation of benefiting our health. Red wine is even believed to help us live longer and reduce the risk of heart disease.