Is it worth writing an article for the “unflavored” grain whiskey?

In the value chain of whiskey, single malt whisky stands proudly as the king all year round. With its rare vintages and single-barrel wines, the single-malt whisky has repeatedly sold the price of a single bottle at the price of first-tier cities. The blended whiskies produced by Johnnie Walker and Suntory, relying on excellent quality and excellent packaging (such as expensive bottles), have also made the limelight; however, when it comes to grain whiskey, let alone on the auction house, even on amazon. It is rarely seen. Is it possible that it is only worthy of a supporting role in the corner of the whisky world?

The effect of light on various bottled wines

No matter what kind of wine it is, it should be kept away from sunlight. Because prolonged exposure to the sun will have a harmful effect on wine, and the longer the exposure to the sun, the more severe the impact on wine. Of course, the specific impact also depends on the type of alcoholic beverage.

What is the difference between liquor, vodka, rum and whiskey?

When it comes to whiskey, I don’t know what kind of image will appear in everyone’s mind. Maybe it was the black party in the KTV set menu, mixed with green tea? Hmm, no. Or is it a clip from the American country movies in the 1980s, in a small bar in the western United States, American cowboys are smoking a cigar while holding a glass of whiskey, chatting loudly, and drinking? Cool… Could it be that in the 007 series of movies, which beauty he was chatting with on the bar with a glass of whiskey? Or, it could be a big question mark…

How to drink whiskey?

How to drink whiskey?

Although most of the time drinking whiskey is about being at ease, you can drink it as you feel comfortable, but if you really want to appreciate the charm of whiskey, it is best to try the drinking method handed down by the seniors.

After all, these drinking methods have passed the test of time, and each drinking method will make people experience a different new feeling of whiskey.