What is the difference between sweet wine and fortified wine

First of all, the sweet wines produced in different wine regions in the world have different styles, and the definition of sweet wines is different. Some production areas stipulate that sweet wines are wines that are used to match desserts, some production areas believe that sweet wines are desserts themselves, and some production areas believe that sweet wines are wines that are drunk after dinner. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) stipulates that the alcohol content of table wine must not be higher than 14%, and the alcohol content of sweet wine must be above 14% and not higher than 24%. . Although different producing regions have different views on the definition of sweet wine, they all reached a consensus-sweet wine has higher sugar content than table wine. The types of sweet wines include: Late Harvest, ice wine and noble rot wine.

Would you like to drink red wine in summer?

Drinking some refreshing red wine in moderation in summer is very good,
Red wine contains vitamin C, vitamin E and carotene,
These substances have antioxidant effects and can increase the proportion of high-quality cholesterol in the body.