EASY Pear Juice Recipe

Today’s pear juice recipe introduces a quick and refreshing way to boost your daily vitamins and minerals. This recipe doesn’t require more than four ingredients, but creates an aromatic, delicate drink that provides the energy you need to start your day.

A pear is an edible pomace fruit that tastes similar and looks like an apple. It’s its cousin, except for its shape. It is shaped like a raindrop, with a narrow upper part and an enlarged bottom. Pears come in a variety of colors, from green, yellow to orange, and have a sweet, grainy flavor. The fruit is the size of an apple or orange, it’s hard, and it has a strong astringency. It has a pleasant and subtle fragrance. Hope you all can learn more in this pear juice recipe!

Benefits of Pear Juice

Squeezing pears means you extract as much juice as possible while eliminating fibrous matter. While this process can reduce satiety, it still provides most of the nutrients and benefits you can get by consuming the whole pear fruit.

1. Reduce inflammation

Inflammation is the root cause of many diseases, including asthma, sinusitis and arthritis. A 2015 study found that higher intake of pears was associated with lower inflammation due to the anthocyanin and flavonol content of the fruit.

2. Boost the immune system

Pears are a great source of antioxidants and vitamins such as A, B1, B2 and K. These vitamins are essential for immune function because they stimulate the production and activity of white blood cells. Antioxidants in pears fight free radicals and reduce the risk of disease.

3. Improves Heart Health

Among fruits, pears contain some of the highest amounts of potassium. This mineral can help lower blood pressure, keep heart rhythm stable, and strengthen blood vessels.

This all results in increased blood flow, which provides oxygen to organs in various parts of the body and promotes their efficient functioning.

4. Keep your skin healthy

Pear juice can help you achieve flawless, radiant skin. This drink’s high volume of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients will nourish your skin. In addition, antioxidants protect the skin from oxidative damage, keeping it smooth and soft.

How to Make Pear Juice

Our pear juice recipe is super easy. Below are brief instructions on how to make the drink. If you want to read the detailed how-to, go to the recipe card at the bottom of this article.

Step 1: Juice the pears. Combine juice with sugar and lemon juice.

Step 2: Serve on ice.

What fruits can be added to pear juice?

Pear juice is very simple to make, all you need is a juicer, some pears, and any other ingredients you want to add more nutrients and make the juice unique. Pears have a mild flavor, making them an ideal juice to “pair” with other fruits.

1. Apple

Several types of apples can be used for juicing. Red, soft and sweet, green is more spicy and acidic.

2. Oranges

The orange juice adds a slightly tangy flavor that creates a natural balance to the sweet pear juice. Plus, all oranges are high in vitamins A and C, so just one glass of pear-orange juice will satisfy your body’s daily needs for these vitamins.

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