EASY Japanese Edamame Recipe

Learn how to cook edamame like a pro in the authentic Japanese way. Bring life to your next snack, appetizer or side dish with Japanese restaurant-style edamame! Read on for this japanese edamame recipe!

Not only is edamame a very easy appetizer to prepare, but it’s also a delicious snack for kids. Regular or salted edamame is often a favorite snack for kids, maybe because of the taste, but also because it’s fun to eat – edamame is often cooked in their pods, from which they must first be obtained in order to get a delicious green soybean squeeze out.

How to Prepare Edamame?

Fresh edamame is always our favorite. If you find fresh edamame at the store, don’t hesitate to buy it! You can often find them in Japanese or Asian grocery stores during the summer.

1. Properly clean

Remove the stems from the edamame pods. Dust and remove any dirt with water.

2. Cutting edge

Use scissors to cut about 1/5 inch (5 mm) of the pods at each end. This helps the pods absorb the brine and cook.

3. Rub the edamame with sea salt

Put the edamame pods in a large bowl. Sprinkle half of the desired salt on top and rub in with your hands.

This helps to remove the fine, soft hairs on the surface. Sea salt also helps induce the umami flavor of the beans when they are boiled.

Let the edamame sit for 30 minutes. No need to wash their salt off. Also save the remaining salt in a bowl and add it to the boiling water later.

Japanese Edamame Recipe: How to Cook

The keys to successfully cooking perfect edamame are:

1. Cooking time

Boil one liter of hot water in a medium saucepan. Add sea salt to bowl, including remaining salt.

Once the water has boiled, add the edamame pods and cook for three and a half minutes. This is important! Remove the foam layer floating on the surface.

2. The amount of salt added

Sea salt is recommended here. The golden recipe is to mix 4% salt with 1 liter of hot water.

3. Check for softness

Take a pod, pull out a bean, and try how soft and firm it is.

4. Calm down

Using a hand-held fan, cool the cooked edamame quickly. In this way, you can maintain a fresh green color.


  • 7 ounces fresh edamame pods (200 grams)
  • 21/2 tablespoons sea salt (40 g)
  • 40 ounces of water (1.2 liters)
  • Baking soda



  • Remove the stems from the edamame pods. Dust off and remove any remaining dirt completely with water.
  • Use scissors to cut off 1/5-inch ends of edamame pods. This allows the pods to absorb the brine and cook inside.
  • Put the edamame pods in a large bowl and add half the salt. Rub the edamame with your hands with salt. Let stand for 30 minutes.


  1. Boil water in a saucepan. Add the remaining salt and any remaining salt in the bowl. Add a pinch of baking soda.
  2. Put the edamame pods in the boiling water and cook for three and a half minutes. If you prefer softer beans, keep cooking for up to four minutes, but no longer.
  3. Remove the morphological layer on the surface of the boiling water. Pick up a pod and look at the softness.
  4. Cool the cooked edamame quickly with a fan to keep it green.

Recipe Instructions:

  • How much salt you add to the water is important. The golden recipe is two and a half tablespoons of sea salt per liter of water. Don’t forget to add any remaining salt to the water from the bowl you used to rub the edamame during preparation.
  • Sprinkle some salt on the surface and serve.
  • Store cooked edamame pods in the refrigerator for five days and one month in the refrigerator.

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