All you should know about 100 watt led bulb

In this article you would learn about what is 100watt led bulb comparing with others and features.

Why 100 watt LED bulb?Price and value

Most folks think about 60-watt light bulbs as the fundamental standard for common household lighting. If you wish for something brighter, you upgrade to, say, a 100-watt bulb. The thing is, most 100-watt incandescents have long been phased out thanks to rising efficiency standards.

That’s why you will find many “100-watt replacement” LEDs in your local store’s lighting aisle. They promise even as much brightness as those old-school incandescents while employing a fraction of the energy. Swap one certain the sort of incandescent bulb they’re designed to exchange, and you may save a median of about $10 per annum in energy costs. They’re also cheaper than you would possibly think — while 100-watt replacement LEDs were retailing for $20 or more only some years ago, prices have fallen to the purpose where you’ll find decent dimmable options for fewer than $5 each.

That makes it the right time to upgrade your light bulbs — but which of them are right for your home?

With that question in mind, I embarked on to my local lighting aisles in search of each 100-watt replacement LED I could get my hands on. After dozens of hours spent testing, here’s what I found, starting with the most effective of the bunch.

Have you ever wondered if it’s worth changing the Incandescent Light Bulb (Normal Light) for Light Emitting Diode (LED)?

Comparing 100 watt bulbs in LED it’d be 10 watts and zilch more. What a difference, right?

Now we’ll allow you to know the differences between each light and also the benefits, during this case, we are going to use 100 watt Incandescent Light Bulb and 100 watts Light Emitting Diode (LED).

A Normal Light of 100 watts will produce 1600 to 1800 lumens which implies 16 to 18 lumens per watt it’s an honest number but our Hyperlite LED High Bay Lights of 100 watts can produce 13500 to 14000 lumens which imply 135 to 140 lumens per watt, the difference is about 12000 lumens. About lifetime, normal lights have around 1000 hours and you may buy a replacement light, our Hyperlite LED High Bay Lights have around 60000 hours there’s a difference of 59000 hours and now you’ll be able to see the Energy Efficiency you’ll have with Hyperlite.

Powerful and energy-saving

One of the most effective benefits is that you just can dim our Hyperlite LED Lights 10 – 100% and you can’t use the dimming equipment for an incandescent bulb or other traditional light this feature will facilitate your if the sunshine is simply too bright or just you would like to alter the brightness. a traditional light emits light 360 degrees around the source. 360-degree emissions necessitate accessory devices to reflect and/or redirect the sunshine which implies you’ll purchase more and more, our Hyperlite LED Lights have a beam angle of 120°, without accessories, and we have an adjunct for our Hyperlite LED High Bay Light Hero Series that could be a 60 Degree Acrylic Reflector and this may help the sunshine looking softer and cozy and is meant for anti-glare.

Why must you Choose 100W LED Bulbs?

Studies have shown that light bulbs containing LED technology will last for much longer than ordinary light bulbs, and may reduce energy consumption by up to 80%, thereby reducing the value of energy and replacement bulbs.

Environmental-friendly construction

Nowadays, lighting with an Environmental-friendly feature might not get any better than the led bulb has to offer. A 100 watt led bulb usually comes with increased support when comes to operating without any harm to the environment.

 That means it would not be harmful when involving the atmosphere from some illumination needs with no harmful gases with creating a 100 watt LED bulb.

Higher beam angle

Well, the recent advancements to a design with a 100 watt LED bulb normally can provide an enhanced beam angle, which can eclipse some incandescent lights.

Those led light bulbs conclude some beads, which can spread across a centralized design to increase the spread effect up to some points.

With increased spreading effect comes a better chance of visibility in dark areas.

Realistic color temperature

But sometimes, led light bulbs can make things look slightly duller under some ambient lights, which should come with the incandescent bulb…When we talk about the LED lights, particularly the 100 watt led light bulbs, they could offer a higher realistic color with improved CRIs, you know? LED lights to make objects look life-like irrespective of ambient characteristics or item positioning.

Significant dimming potential

Some led bulbs come with enhancing the light dimming function, offering buyers several better illumination effects up to some points.

You can easily source LED bulbs with dimming potential from 0 – 99%. But when talking about making LED lights superior to enjoy more enhanced effects, the older bulb technologies may not include this kind of feature.

Significant lifespan

Then the 100 watt led light bulbs to own the immense support for the consistent, also the long-lasting operation. That could make them even better for sustained use up to some points. Most LED lights include average lifespans of 10 – 30 years.  You know these lights can last for extended than estimated when with come with the increased lesser usage and maintenance.

Lesser energy consumption

A 100 watt led light bulb consumes lesser power to operate, which is making itself much more ideal for saving the utility bill! And the led light bulbs emit less heat during possessing, and even any thermal residue escapes outside the base. Lower heat generation translates to raised power savings and increased energy efficiency.

Longer warranty coverage

A 100 watt led light bulb usually comes with massive warranty coverage, which makes itself a much more ideal choice for more value with cash.

And the led light bulbs could be used in many places from 1 – 10 years about the warranty coverage. With such a large cover, you’ll take care of shopping for satisfaction from many LED bulbs.

Increased brightness

The kelvin rating of the many LED bulbs adopts the brightness of several surroundings, allowing improved illumination support. For example, increasing the illumination potential can assure a better vision across the different wide spaces.

Warp it up

Well, a 100 Watt LED bulb owns tons of when comes to supply, when involving improving the illumination or less generation of heating. Making the foremost of your lighting needs doesn’t come any better with the data during this piece.

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