All you should know about authentic chirashi sushi

Slightly different from sushi, there are two main types: Edomae chirashi sushi, commonly found in the Kanto region, where ingredients are sprinkled over rice served in a bowl.

Gomoku chirashi sushi, commonly found in the Kansai region, consists of ingredients mixed into a bowl of rice.

Ingredients of Chirashi sushi

Ingredient A: 3 pieces of cabbage leaves, 3 bowls of sushi rice, 2 eggs, several pieces of fried tofu, 6 leeks.

Material B: 3 sheets of cellophane (10cm X 10cm), 6 ribbons.

Steps of making Chirashi sushi

1.Cut the stems of the cabbage, leave the leaves, put them in boiling water with a little salt and blanch for a while, then pick them up and set aside to cool. Boil the chives until soft.

2. Break the eggs, add a little salt and Taibai powder water (1 tablespoon of water, 1 tsp of Taibai powder), stir well, filter through a strainer, then pour the egg juice into a small round non-stick pan medium, fry over low heat into small yellowish discs.

3. Pinch the sushi rice into a small ball shape, place it in the center of the cabbage leaf, pull up the four sides of the cabbage, wrap the rice ball, and tie it with ribbons at two-thirds of the cabbage leaf, tie a bow, and Spread the vegetable leaves on the top of the bow into a flower shape, which is the refreshing cabbage towel sushi.

4.Egg skin, cellophane and oily tofu can also be used as the outer skin materials, and the sushi rice balls are wrapped in the middle, and then the ribbons and chives are used as the materials for bundling and decoration, and various types of towel sushi can be made.

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How to eat Chirashi sushi?

Because it does not require professional cooking skills, it is often seen at family dinner tables, and chirashi sushi is also eaten on commemorative days such as festivals.

According to the general classification, it can be divided into two types: one is to add chopped fish, shellfish, vegetables and other ingredients to the rice, stir evenly and eat. It is also called rose sushi or rose chirashi sushi because of its good-looking appearance. The main materials used are jinshi egg shreds (thin sliced egg crepes), boiled dried shiitake mushrooms, gourd strips, vinegar lotus roots, shrimp, grilled eel, etc.

Another is chirashi sushi, which is neatly served with pre-cut various ingredients on top of white rice. In addition to the above, chirashi sushi rice in Mie prefecture is mixed with the ingredients and topped with pieces of meat. There are also those that adjust the ingredients according to the preferences of the store and customers, and some fruits such as apples, oranges, and cherries are also added.

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