Hawaiian Roll sushi Recipe of Blue sushi sake grill

Hawaiian Roll sushi

Blue sushi sake grill is the hottest sushi taku(sushi bar) in the USA,its toppest dishes in the menu is Hawaiian Roll sushi.

For sushi lover, Blue sushi sake grill is the best place to spend moeny on,but if you are not the sushi lover,Hawaiian Roll sushi of Blue sushi sake grill will let you be.

The Hawaiian Roll sushi of blue sushi sake grill has Salmon, Crab, Mango.This tempura fried sushi roll stuffed with steaming hot salmon and crab. Mango Puree and Tempura is fried which was delicious. the Hawaiian Roll sushi-the mango puree blended perfectly.The Mango added a nice touch to the whole roll.


The Hawaiian roll sushi is you have to wait about a minute for it to cool off a bit but then it just melts in your mouth.

Key points for Hawaiian Roll sushi Recipe of Blue sushi sake grill

From above we know that the main ingredients of Hawaiian Roll sushi could be:

  • Salmon
  • Crab
  • Mango

Exactly Hawaiian Roll sushi is a Fried salmon tempura roll with crab and mango puree on the surface.You can also call it crab roll sushi with salmon and mango puree.They are just the same!

In the Hawaiian Roll sushi recipe of Blue sushi sake grill mango puree play a role of relieving greasy feeling from fired salmon and roll.With the umami of crab and salmon, mango puree also plays a role in enhancing the freshness.

Seafood is often difficult to make delicious.If it is fried too much, it will lose its original umami, so sometimes some sweetness is needed to enhance the freshness and neutralize the taste, so as not to let the oil cover the original taste of the food.And this is why Blue sushi sake grill make it!

We can draw a conclusion: the key points of making Hawaiian Roll sushi are

  • mango puree,
  • seafood, that is, whether the ingredients of salmon and crab are fresh,
  • whether the frying time can be controlled well.

How to make mango puree for Hawaiian Roll sushi ?

Ingredients of mango puree:

  • Mango 400g
  • Sugar 100g
  • Lemon juice 35g

1 Prepare the mango, wash and dry the moisture on the surface; peel, core, and cut into pieces;

2 Take out the mango pulp and put it into the wall breaker, and use the fruit and vegetable or extraction function. Then about 30 seconds on the line, it is very delicate. If you don’t want to be too delicate, you can reduce the time appropriately.

Taste adjustment:

  • Method 1: Put the beaten mango puree into the bread machine, add powdered sugar and lemon juice
  • Method 2: Pour the mango puree into a non-stick pan, add powdered sugar and lemon juice and stir well

Turn on low heat and keep stirring until thick as shown in the picture.

How to prepare salmon for sushi(Hawaiian Roll sushi)?

  • Cut the fish into 2CM cubes, mix well with fish marinade and marinate for 15 minutes.
  • Dip the fish into the egg yolk first.
  •  Heat oil in a pot, and then dip each piece with dry cornstarch.
  • Put the fish pieces in a 170 degree oil pan and fry them on medium heat until the surface is slightly yellow.
  • Drain the oil.

How to prepare imitation crab for sushi(Hawaiian Roll sushi)?


Imitation crab, bread flour, appropriate amount of salad dressing, red pepper


  • First put the imitation crab into the pot and steam them.
  • Dip the steamed crab sticks in bread flour.
  • Fry the crab sticks in the oil pan until golden brown.
  • Preparation of the sauce: first cut the red pepper into pieces, put the cut red pepper into the salad dressing and mix well.

Tips of preparing fried seafood for Hawaiian Roll sushi

Fried seafood, if the time is not well controlled, the seafood will become greasy and lose its original flavor.

How to make delicious fried seafood, fried imitation crab, fried salmon and so on?

Choose the right cooking tools for fried seafood

In addition to high-quality seafood ingredients, you need to choose all the right tools before you start cooking. A deep fryer pot, oil, cooking measuring tools like kitchen thermometer, tongs for frying, and an area to separate already cooked seafood.

Choose the right oil for frying

The smoke point of the oil is the temperature at which it begins to decompose, and if the oil emits a spicy fumes quickly, it will affect the taste of the seafood. When frying, choose a high smoke point oil (peanut oil, grapeseed oil, soybean oil, sunflower oil, and extra light olive oil are all good choices). Do not use unrefined oils for frying as they have a much lower smoke point.

Correct fryer pot

Using a deep fryer pot is best for deep frying. At a minimum, the pan should be able to hold about 3 inches of oil at a depth, the bigger the pan, the more food you can fry in one performance and the faster the oil temperature will come back up.

Use an oil thermometer

There are many ways to estimate whether the oil is hot enough (bread cubes, a little flour, chopsticks), but there is only one way to know the correct temperature—oil thermometer for frying.

Oil thermometers are cheap but very useful when frying. If the recipe doesn’t specify a temperature, 360 F is the best temperature for frying most fish and seafood.

Do not fry too much seafood at one time

Putting a large amount of food in the oil at one time will drastically reduce the temperature and allow the oil to seep into the food, resulting in greasy seafood.

Frying seafood in small batches produces a better texture. A deep frying cooking method: Keep food 1.5 inches below the oil level. This will ensure enough room for the seafood to fully fry.

How to remove oil residue and drain it?

A skimmer spoon for frying can be used to remove greasy residue from the oil. Fried fish can often be fragile, so handle the cooked food gently when moving it from the deep fryer pot to the drain. Paper towels, kraft paper bags, or paper plates are used to remove fried foods. A better idea is to use a rack, baking rack, or cooling rack (for baked goods) placed on a baking sheet or cookie sheet that will drain the fried foods and help them stay crispy.

Keep fried seafood warm

Put the already fried food in the oven rack before frying the next batch of food.

Above all,I ve told you all the tips and secrets of Hawaiian Roll sushi Recipe of Blue sushi sake grill,have you got it?Learn more about cooking ideas,just click here.

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