Why should you buy baby shark toys for your kids?

2 years ago,one song from Korean YouTube channel Pinkfong spread out in America,baby shark toys of many different types were owned by many little kids.You must remember the song which is also used as a part of toys.Today I would recommend a perfer product of Baby shark toys:Robo Alive Junior Baby Shark.

Have a shower with baby shark toys

Does your kids hate taking shower?No worry.How about having shower with a baby shark?

Robo Alive Junior Baby Shark can swim in water and sing along,what is more,it will play the pop Baby Shark song.You may hate the song but your baby would love it cause the repeated words and cute voice.

Energy-saving and auto on and off

With the water-activation technology from ROBO,it will be silent in the air but alive in the water and sing the baby shark song.

What’s more,it is designed with a 4-min energy-saving mode.When it plays for 4 mins,it will turn off automatically.

How to active the shark again?

Take it out of water and then place in water again,press the button and it will sing again.

By the way this baby shark is battery included.

List of Robo Alive Junior Baby Shark

BrandRobo Alive Junior
Item Dimensions(LxWxH)6.73 x 4.06 x 3.62 inches
Age RangeToddler
TypesBaby shark/Mother shark/Father shark
ButtonsFor song playing
Features of baby shark toys

Should you buy baby shark toys for your baby?

Shower partner and Gift for kids and affordable

I summarize some reviews from buyers on amazon,this baby shark toys have the pros and cons as below:


  • Nice gift for your kids on Christmas/Halloween/Birthday.One mother bought this one baby shark toys for her 2 year old niece after that the baby just not wants to leave the tub at all.This is the toy brings your kids happy times!Some adults bought for their grandsons and won the giggle!What a wonderful achievement.
  • Best shower partner for kids.Many kids refuse to take a shower no matter weather cold or hot.With this baby shark toys,they would have no reason to refuse even would ask to take a shower some time.With the baby shark swinming in the water and bubbles around,your kids will sing a song from their hearts  flipping its tail of the shark.
  • Cheap enough.Toys for kids are always easily destroyed with many cute reasons and many of them will not last long.Some of the parents said that their boys/girls broke the baby shark  after playing for 8 -12 months and ask to buy one more.So dont worry,it would be affordable for you.

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  • The voice of music is too loud when not in water which is a confusion for parents,you may need a earplugs.
  • Some of the products may not work very well.(about 1% of the products,but it is in a normal range)
  • Some packages of the baby shark toys are in a brown box,so you may should pack it up yourself as a gift.

Let’s see some reviews from amazon buyers:

I got two (baby and mommy shark) for my daughter and she absolutely loves them! Only wish I could turn on/off the song, because when you have more than one it’s a little crazy having the same song playing in different notes over and over or until you get one out of the water.

So yes my son loves this, but there were two things that I was disappointed about. 1) it didn’t even come in the packaging like shown. 2) there’s no off switch. If the sensors are touched (by your fingers, water, anything) it starts swimming. I wish there was an off switch so he could have it in the water to play with without it swimming around.

I loved that this item was designed to work in the bath. My daughter loves picking it up and singing along as it swims around. Downside, it does NOT play the full song, which is a disappointment. “Runaway, Doo Doo Doo…” Is my daughters favorite part of the song and it skips over it! Love that it replays only for 4 minutes, so we can take it out and put it away.

This toy is touch activated and the sensor on it is very sensitive! Besides that it really is the cutest toy. I’ve had it for maybe a half a year now and my baby uses it in the bath everyday. I’ve only changed the batteries once and it’s easy to clean. Would be cooler if it sang more that one pinkfong song.

Doesn’t sing the entire song, restarts after the “let’s go hunt” verse. My son’s favorite verse is “run away” so we’re a little disappointed. It also had trouble swimming through bubbles. We’ve had it for a few hours and my 2 yo chucked it out of the bathtub pretty hard but it’s still working so far. I like that it’s not too loud. We’ll see how it does in terms of mold growth.

Too big and heavy for a 2-yr-old’s hand size and strength. The player feature works really well, but the shark doesn’t exactly swim around and it’s so awkwardly big and heavy that my granddaughter has to use both hands to pick it up.

My (3yo) daughter loved it. Deducted 1 star because it doesn’t sing the entire song (which she picked up on immediately) but she adapted and it keeps her busy during her bath. I appreciate the automatic turn off….1 less thing to have to remember.

Our son loves Baby Shark, so of course we bought this as soon as we saw it. It start immediately when it touches water. I am actually glad that the volume does not scream, as some baby toys I feel are too loud. The only complaint I might have is that it mostly just rides the side of the tub pointed at the wall, but I guess any swimming toy would do the same

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