Redefine Adjustable ring with words and some products

Today morning I search adjustable ring on google to find out what it is and want to find a right answer.But found that the top few answers were out of date,2 of the best answers were published in 2020 and 2021.

You konw,in such changable market-E-commerce,many manufaturers would update their products day to day.Usually,a G2 product can be created one week after the G1 product be launched.

Above all,I write this article to introduce what is ‘adjustable ring’ meaning at this moment.

What does Adjustable ring mean at this moment?

In tradition,they would annotate adjustable ring as below:

An adjustable ring is a ring with a little gap and what it allows you to do is to expand it to about half a ring size. … Adjustable rings are just much more versatile than traditional rings! So, if you like the look of rings and would love gifting them but are always unsure of the size and wonder if they would fit, then adjustable rings would be the perfect fit.

Refer from:

However,when you search ‘adjustable ring’ on amazon,you would find out adjustable ring of many different types,they are now not only including such ring with a little gap but also the ones without this gap.Actually,the smart ring manufaturers have updated their products cause some pros and cons of the adjustable ring with gap.

Pros of adjustable ring with gap:

  • Easy to adjust,you can adjust the ring between the gap easily pull or push the metal

Cons of adjustable ring with gap:

  • Easily to be out of shape.We are not professional ring maker and we dont have a good remember of what the ring originally look like.When we adjust the ring time to time,the metal no matter iron or silvery,it would be out of shape and we can not make it right.
  • Do harm to fingers.Bleeding can easily be caused by pinching the skin and affecting blood circulation when you pushing it tightly on your finger(when you are afriad that it would fall off cause there is a gap).

According to these reasons,the smart ring manufaturers update the ‘adjustable ring’ to:

Without gap,according to the certain size it can be adjusted,the ring producers add extra length of the ring bar and overlapping certain length of the end to circle the ring at a normal size.Usually the producers would make a size of 7 as the normal size,and the buyers can adjust the ring from about size 5 to size 14.

So this should be another explaining of adjustable ring.

KGnB Adjustable ring

But how to adjust an adjustable ring?

For the adjustable ring with gap,there are many good articles have explained:

Well, the answer is quite easily but with a touch of care. Here’s a few tips to widen or adjust your adjustable ring:

Never pull metal directly outwards as the ring can stretch too much or even break if it’s thinner or brittle

Twist the ring in the direction it has been bent to enlarge the ring

Refer from:

For the adjustable ring without a gap,you can adjust the ring as following:

  • Firstly,try to wear it on the fingers without any handling;
  • If you find it loose and want to make it tight:1 Make the overlapping part facing to you.2 And then use your pointer finger and thumb from your another hand to slowly push the ring toward the overlapping part.3 Stop when you feel suitable(moderately press the overlapping part to make it tidy if you need).
  • If you find it tight or fail to wear it,1 Make the overlapping part facing to you.2 And then use your 2 thumbs and pointer fingers slowly pull the ring toward your right and left sides.3 Stop when you can wear it on(moderately press the overlapping part to make it tidy if you need).
  • Just remember keep the 2 ends overlapping to avoid the ring being out of shape.

Click this link to check the tutorials of adjusting a KGnB ring with chain:

Click this link to check the tutorials of adjusting a KGnB Classical ring:

Where to buy adjustable ring without a gap?


This is a marketplace of handmade products and clothing accessories.There are many handmade rings including adjustable rings:

YINGMENGHandmade is one of the seller:

Sun And Moon Ring,Sterling Silver Lovers Ring,Couples Ring,Matching Ring,Band Ring,Adjustable Ring


This is a ring seller,this is the web link:

But price much higher than others.


More than 10000 results you can find out there,

I would recommend KGnB Classical Adjustable ring:

I am prone to allergies,so I always resist wearing silvery cause there many silver rings are not S925.But KGnB rings are really S925.

Easy to wear and adjust.

Can be adjusted from size 5-12.

Click to buy a KGnB Classical adjustable ring

How to wash silver adjustable ring?

Sterling silver is a precious, white metal that is very reflective. Because sterling silver itself is too soft to make daily necessities.So generally sterling silver jewelry, tableware, tea sets and other household accessories are made of 92.5% sterling silver mixed with other metals, generally mixed with copper, to increase its toughness.

However, these silver pieces are still very fragile and can rust very easily. Therefore, silver jewelry needs special care to maintain its own reflective properties.

Wash with warm water and ordinary detergent, and rinse with clean water. All gold and silver products cannot be rinsed with chemical agents such as bleaching water and strong acid detergent.

Because the chemical properties of silver are more active, silver will react with sulfur dioxide in the air to form black silver sulfide, which will oxidize and blacken the surface of silver jewelry. If you have used silverware or have worn silverware must have this experience: silverware or silver jewelry is easy to oxidize and lose its luster after not using it for a period of time.

And particularly,remmeber to wash the little gap of the overlapping part inside the ring.

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