How to choose a unique promise ring for men?

Do you want to show your faithful love to your boyfriend or husband?A promise ring for men would make them feel melting.However,do you know how to choose a unique promise ring for men?Actually,you should know the right size of your other half.But what if you do not know exactly?

What is the average ring size for men?

Usually men can wear rings from size from size 7 to size 14,but mostly they would wear size 9.In another case,size 9 would fit most of men fingers,to the question,this is the average ring size for men.You may remember the right size of his fingers but now he may be much stronger,so he may need a little big size,for example,size 9 for original but size 9.5 should be worn now.But what do size 7 mean?’7’ simply stands for the last number of ring diameter in milimeters.Size 7 ring means that the ring diameter is 17mm,size 9 ring means 19mm ring.

Adjustale silver ring for men should be the first choice

We are not professional athelet who would always weigh themselves to keep fit.We would get thinner or fatter as time goes on.It would be troublesome to change ring from time to time,so the adjustable rings were created.Some ones may suffer from arthritis,but love must go on.They should wear a bigger size to go through the swollen joint but when it comes to the normal finger,it would be loose.With an adjustale ring,thing is different,they can adjust the size according to any situation.

You can also give him a fishonable ring as a gift:

Refer from quora:

Men can, and certainly do, wear rings for many reasons – not the least because it is fashionable. Many wear school rings, or signet rings. My husband inherited a signet ring from his father, and wears it on occasion.

As t what finger – again, that is pretty much the wearer’s choice. I have seen signet rings (in particular) worn on the thumb – but more so in Europe than in the US. My husband wears his signet ring, and sometimes his college ring, on his right ring finger. I have also seen me wear pinkie rings. Their choice…

Ever seen a ring of deer?

Ever seen a wedding ring made from a deer antler? My fiancé is a hunter, and has harvested many bucks. We are planning on using a section of an antler to be created into a wedding ring. Unique, light weight, and full of great memories for him.

There are a lot of unique wedding bands on the market now for men. You can get a gold band, titanium, and different finishes and patterns. Depending on the man’s style there is black cobalt that can look very stylish.

There are lots of unique wedding rings for men but I would suggest you where I have already bought and used i.e.

1. Tiffany & Co.

2. Tatias

3. Graff

4. Cartier

5. Harry Winston

Hope these would help you in future.

But what if a more affordable one?I would recommend KGnB silver ring.

Why silver ring?

As a promise ring for men,firstly should be valuable,at least seemly.Second,it should be stainless,but you can not go for a iron ring,it would be smelly in a rainy day.Silicone ring also seems cheap and do harm to his skin.

  • Valuable
  • Stainless
  • Meaningful
  • Affordable

The above is the 4 reasons to buy a silver ring for men as a promise ring.

I would recommend KGnB store as the best choice for promise ring for men cause it meet all the requirements I mentioned.

There are 2 types of KGnB silver ring for men:

No.1 KGnB Classical Silver ring

Style: Classical,price 9.99,now has the discount of 50% off,it is only 4.99.

KGnB classical ring is very simple,2mm,and normal size 7,but can adjust from size 5 to size 12.

You can take 2 as a couple ring,cause it design as neutral for male or female.No worry about allergy cause it is S925 silvery.

Click to buy,KGnB Classical silver ring.

KGnB Classical silver ring.

No.2 KGnB G2 Silver ring Zirconia

KGnB G2 Silver ring Zirconia

Style:Zirconia,price:12,now has the discount of 70% off,it is only 4.99.

KGnB G2 Silver ring Zirconia is very simple,2mm,and normal size 7,but can adjust from size 5 to size 12.

You can take 2 as a couple ring,cause it design as neutral for male or female.No worry about allergy cause it is S925 silvery.

Click to buy, KGnB G2 Silver ring Zirconia

What are some of the best ways to take care of your promise ring?

  • Always store in an airtight, chemical free bag such as a zip pouch made of polyethylene.
  • Do not use toothpaste or other chemical for cleaning unless recommended by your jeweler as they could harm the finish.
  • Avoid chemical, perfumes and chemical moisture when possible.
  • Be gentle with your jewellery – while polishing

Above all your engagement ring must be of precious metal (Silver / Gold / Platinum) and it is good enough to handle the wear and tear . So don’t worry too much about it , just enjoy the feeling of wearing it . And for rest we are there for any kind of maintenance you need .

Proper promise ring care should be a top priority. We want to ensure that our ring stays shiny and sparkly for years to come. And you’ll be wearing your wedding jewellery for the rest of your life, so it’s essential to know when it’s best to keep it stored away. We are here with some great ways to take care of your promise ring. Let’s have a look.

  • Clean your ring regularly.
  • Know when to leave your ring on and take it off.
  • Be cautious when it comes to resizing your ring.
  • Regularly check the prongs and setting.
  • Think before you upgrade.
  • Keep ring dishes around the house.
  • Now, the way you store your promise ring and wedding jewellery is entirely up to you.

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