Do you know the correct way to use the fascia gun?

Fascia gun are not only popular in the sports lovers, but even in the circle of office workers.But do you know how to use Fascia gun correctly?

The fascia gun can endanger your health if used incorrectly

First of all, the fascia gun has a great effect on sports relaxation. Although the use of the fascia gun seems simple, it is enough to hit the body and muscles. But this is not the case. There are many precautions in the use of the fascia gun, and sometimes it is even dangerous to use it improperly.

Contraindications for the use of the fascia gun

1 Do not impact the joints

The joints of the body are important and sensitive parts. The fascia gun is mainly used to relax the muscles and soft tissues. It is useless to hit the joints, and it is easy to cause joint damage.

2 Not suitable for some parts

Head, parts with thin muscles, armpits, lower abdomen, vital organs and aorta parts, lumbar fossa, neck, etc. These locations should not be impacted with a fascia gun.

3 It is not that the longer the time and the stronger the force, the better

It is advisable to use the same part multiple times for a total time of 3-5 minutes, and it should move in different positions according to the muscle texture. Generally, there is no need to apply too much external pressure, and it is good to keep the soreness at 6-8 points.

4 Use a good quality fascia gun

In the current fascia gun market, there are many imitation, modified, and even fake fascia guns, all of which are shoddy. Because of its vibration frequency and lack of protective mechanisms, it can easily cause damage, and even cause cardiac arrest and shock in severe cases. There are also some use hazards such as explosions caused by the use of inferior motors and batteries.

5 Follow professional guidance

For those with a medical condition or previous injury, a doctor, therapist or coach should be consulted.

  HeadThe head contains the five senses and the brain, as well as various acupuncture points.These are crispy and sensitive positions, which are crucial parts for humans.Therefore, it is forbidden to hit the head with a fascia gun.
  Side of neckBlood vessels and nerves are widely distributed in this location, and the carotid sinus is in this location, which is relatively superficial and quite sensitive to external mechanical compression.A little carelessness will produce a cardiovascular reflex, resulting in an instant insufficiency or interruption of blood supply to the brain, and some people may even experience extreme situations such as fainting and cardiac arrest. 
 Side of clavicleCan’t hit inside the front clavicle. This position has thin muscles, and is the channel through which the cervical spine emits the brachial plexus, as well as a large artery.
 Underarm and inner forearmThis is an important location of the brachial plexus, and there are many nerve tissues, which are also relatively weak and sensitive.
  Where the bone bulges The spine, ankle, elbow, coccyx and other positions have obvious bony bulges or joints and their surroundings. You cannot use a fascia gun to hit them, which is easy to cause pain and injury.
 The knee and its surroundingsThe knee is the most prone to sports injuries, and it is not recommended to use the fascia gun to hit the knee and its surroundings.
Parts of the body that should not be impacted with the fascia gun

How to use the fascia gun correctly

Follow the texture and direction of the muscles

It is recommended to find some texture maps of muscles on the Internet, and follow their overall direction. For example, generally speaking, the chest muscles are horizontal, and the leg muscles are vertical.

Appropriate force

Note that no force is required, use the fascia gun head to hold the muscle position, and enhance the penetration and massage effect through resonance.

Move slowly

Don’t hit the same position for too long, move and walk slowly, with a certain amount of thrust.

Choose a right massage head for a different part

Check this video to learn more about:

Massage Gun Heads: Heal Muscles Faster by Using Correct Head

Generally, the fascia gun will be equipped with different massage heads, and the massage heads of different brands will be different.

Air compression buffer head

It has a soft spring-like design, hollow inside and air circulation. The buffering effect is obvious, and it is easier to form muscle resonance. The effect is gentle and comfortable, especially for the relaxation of soft tissues and sensitive muscle groups, such as shoulders, neck, abdomen, etc. It is also preferred for use by the elderly and children.

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Large ball head

The inside is hollow and has a large area of ​​action. It is suitable for large muscle groups such as pectoralis major and latissimus dorsi. Home massage is also a good choice.

Small ball head

The action area is relatively small and the pressure is higher, which is suitable for massaging large muscle groups such as arms, back, buttocks, thighs, and calves.

Flat head

The texture is hard and the force feedback is strong. It is suitable for people with a certain fitness foundation. It is suitable for relaxation and plasticity of various muscle parts.

Cylindrical head

Point massage, instead of finger massage, acts on the pain point, staying for less than 15 seconds, with strong force, suitable for impacting deep tissues, such as joints, palms and soles.

U-shaped head

It specifically targets the muscles on both sides of the spine and the Achilles tendon of the calf, avoiding sensitive positions that are prone to danger, and relaxing the muscles on both sides.

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