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As the author of cannabis grow bible said in the preface, this book still needs to work hard to reach the height of the Bible, but we can still see that this effort is in progress. You can say that this is a cannabis grow bible, because it also itself In the constant growth. Update once a year.

Green also said that this is a project, and it depends on everyone to make things happen.

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‘The birth of marijuana begins with nature. The sky is wonderful, shared by the world. Blessing to the soul, may the grass grow freely. Waiting for flowers and grass, it is nothing different from this, and there is no other thing comparable in the world. ’- Greg Green

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What you can learn from:cannabis grow bible

This is a bible for marijuana cultivation. However, there is still a lot of homework to do to make this book reach the height of the Bible, and it will not be done overnight.

The reason for saying this is that in the past sixty years, countries around the world have been more aggressive in destroying cannabis culture than collecting data related to its cultivation.

I dare say that you can surely find many monographs on rose cultivation, which are ten times thicker than this book, and the collection of breeding data is also more complete.

You know, in most countries in the world, it is legal to cultivate roses, so scientists can study roses as they please. Sadly, so far, hemp has not obtained the same legal status as roses.

Cannabis grow bible is a bunch of new books. To be new, it means that it is self-contained. Most of the content that readers will read and learn in this book is provided voluntarily by those who are willing to take risks.

For me, compiling these materials into a book can be said to be easy. Even if I printed this book, I did not take the slightest risk, but the ones who really took the risk were the guys who planted hundreds of marijuana plants in their basements and provided me with first-hand data in the book.

It is with their help that the truth and falsifications that have been circulating in the cannabis plantation world can be clarified one by one; it is also with their help that the facts and data compiled in the book can be realized.

I want to come here. It is helpful for hemp cultivation enthusiasts. The compilation of this book has already achieved great success, and I would like to express my sincere thanks to them for their contributions.

In this book, readers will learn a lot. If you are raising marijuana yourself for the first time, it is really difficult to remember these contents overnight. This is why I want to arrange this book step by step according to actual operations.

From beginning to end, this book is like the process of cultivating a marijuana plant. Therefore, it is not difficult for readers to imagine that the compilation style and content layout of this book is based on the gestation process of the cannabis plant.

This type of operation is suitable for this book. At the same time, this is also a semi-essay and semi-academic work. Many books on the market are either lacking in scientificity or slightly lacking in maneuverability. This book can just bridge the shortcomings of the two.

Some common-sense questions about cannabis cultivation will be answered one by one in this book; other questions about how to grow giant cannabis plants are also the focus of this book; but in order to avoid confusion among readers,this book will answer these questions. The issues at the two levels are elaborated separately.

In addition, this book will clearly distinguish which behaviors are feasible and which are not feasible in the process of marijuana cultivation. However, these behaviors are mostly irrelevant to whether you have cultivation experience or not. It is more related to the financial resources you are willing to invest, the variety of cannabis you have, and the environment in which it is grown.

Cannabis grow bible-not restricted by experience

Cannabis cultivation is not restricted by the amount of experience. What really restricts cannabis growers is the law, environment, money, as well as information related to cultivation and good cannabis species. We can’t help with money, the environment and the law. However, I believe this book can help you in terms of the information needed to grow cannabis and how to get good cannabis species.

Don’t interrupt your hobby for a momentary setback. Encountering setbacks is also a learning process. However, this book will point you to the mistakes made by the predecessors, so as not to repeat the same mistakes and avoid detours.

Browse the entire book roughly and flip through the chapters. First have a general understanding of this book. Then read it from beginning to end in one breath. Before you read the last page of the complete book, you must have learned something. If this book helps you a lot, don’t forget to recommend it to people around you. Let everyone participate in the cultivation of marijuana-this miraculous plant, which is our goal.

In addition, this is not the final version of this book. At the beginning of the compilation, we drafted that this book will be expanded every year. We will add new chapters, new pictures, new planting techniques and new cultivation theories every year. This is why this cannabis grow bible will become a treasure for cannabis growers vying to own.

Finally, we hope you can keep following up, and we also hope that this book can help you realize your own cannabis farming road. I wish you a happy harvest in the process of planting, the most important thing is to… have fun!
Greg Green”

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