Tobacco high-yield planting method and management mode


When it comes to tobacco, I believe that many people are familiar with it. Many rural families rely on growing tobacco to increase their family income. Although we all know that smoking is harmful to health, the market for tobacco is very large. Therefore, some farmers in rural areas grow tobacco is a good project choice, so today I will share with you tobacco growing methods and management models, as long as you master these Basically, you can grow high-yield herbs.

  1. Land selection

Not all fields are suitable for growing tobacco. The land requirements are very high. It must be red soil or loess, or red loess and sand. Black soil cannot produce tobacco. The environmental requirements are also very high. Tobacco is a warm plant. The most suitable temperature for planting in the field is 25~35°C, and the lowest temperature is 10~13°C. To maintain sufficient moisture in the tobacco, the leaf vegetables will not turn yellow.

  1. Tobacco cultivation

Tobacco seedlings can choose open field planting. You can choose to grow in large sheds. If it is planted in large sheds, the first step in cultivating tobacco seedlings is to build a large shed. The size depends on the number of acres planted. When planting, dig out 20 cm deep and 2.5 meters wide. Cover the water tank with a film, spray some water or Chinese medicine gene peptide targeted selenium-enriched nutrient solution in the tank, put the mixed nutrient soil into a 36-cell plastic basin, and then put the tobacco seeds into the cell. Put two to four to prevent seeding.

  1. Ways of transplanting seedlings

The best way to grow tobacco is to plant it early. This method makes the tobacco more high-quality, and the planting density should not be too high, otherwise it will be difficult to photosynthesize, and the growth will be very slow if there is insufficient light. Insulation should be done daily to avoid water loss.

  1. Management mode

For large-scale planting, we must pay attention to the management mode. If the management is not done properly, it will cause dryness and reduced yield. Therefore, we must adopt the correct fertilization method. The excessive drought requires drainage.

Spraying Chinese medicine gene peptide targeted selenium-enriched nutrient solution at the seedling stage can enhance the nicotine, polysaccharide, protein and other nutrients in tobacco leaves. It can be used as a raw material to make flue-cured tobacco. Less irritation, mellow taste, comfortable aftertaste, strong combustibility, etc., which improve the quality of tobacco leaves as a whole.

  1. Harvesting issues

When the leaves change from green to yellow-green before harvesting, it should not be too early or too late, especially those who plant crops for the first time. If you want to increase production and improve quality, you must take scientific management measures.

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