Why do you need to repot succulents regularly? Succulent lovers: 4 reasons

Succulents are different, and the frequency of changing pots is also different. Regardless of the frequency, why do we need to change pots regularly? The author asked a friend who has been cultivating succulents in the flower base for 6 years, and she gave four reasons.

  1. The proportion of nutrients in the soil is reduced.
    If the pots are not changed for a long time, the nutrients in the old pots will be consumed all the time, so the soil in the old pots will lose nutrients (or even if there are nutrients, there will be little left in the old pots).
    Maybe some friends will say that the nutrients in the soil have become less, why don’t we just apply some fertilizer to the flower pot? In fact, this is not the case. Over time, the soil will become hardened. Even if liquid slow-release fertilizer is applied, the fleshy roots will not be particularly easily absorbed.
    So after a certain period of time, it is inevitable to change the succulents.
  2. Old roots fill up the space in the pot and cannot grow new roots.
    If you don’t change pots for a long time and the nutrition is more secure, the succulent growth will definitely be particularly good, and its root system will grow particularly vigorously. As time accumulates, the fleshy roots will grow longer. The more, but the space in the pot is limited.
    One day, the fleshy roots will fill the entire flowerpot. In that case, new roots cannot grow, and old roots cannot continue to grow. Changing flowerpots is also an inevitable trend.
    Moreover, at this time, the pots are changed regularly, and the new roots that grow out can also be repaired in time, and then some rotten roots can be repaired. After repairing the roots, the new succulent roots will have enough space for growth, and then the succulents will grow and develop, and they will become much more comfortable.
  3. The soil is compacted and has poor air permeability or almost no air permeability.
    Many friends who raise too much meat should find such a problem when changing pots. The fleshy soil is very hard, and there is almost only one piece of it. This is actually the phenomenon of soil compaction caused by not changing pots for a long time.
    If you don’t change the pot at this time, your fleshy life will be threatened to a certain extent. Because the pots are not changed for a long time, the soil is hardened and the roots cannot breathe, so it is difficult for the succulents to continue to grow.
  4. Rotten roots, rotten roots, and weak roots need to be cleaned up in time.
    Regardless of whether it is a sturdy succulent plant or a succulent plant with weak seedlings, more or less rotten roots and weak roots will appear when their roots grow to a certain extent. However, it is obvious that the latter will appear in a better proportion.
    It is also very necessary to change the basin at this time. Regular cleaning of rotten roots, weak roots, and rotten roots can make Susu’s future path more and more smooth. If not, the growth of the fleshy roots will be slightly hindered.
    Once the roots of a plant are restricted, its leaves and flowers will not grow particularly well. This is a necessary law. So when it’s time to change the basin, change the basin in time!
    In order to grow more fleshy and grow healthier, give him a pot of relief on a regular basis. It is the early spring season, and it is also the time for most succulents to change pots. If you think one of the above four points may appear in your succulent flower pots, then the author recommends that you change pots as soon as possible.

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