These 10 plants grow particularly well without sunlight

Sometimes do you think that it is not good to grow plants without sunlight? Although flowering plants may be insulated, many indoor green plants are still very suitable. They can grow in the shade of trees and indoor shade. The following 10 kinds of plants are sure to be your favorite.

  1. Chlorophytum
    Chlorophytum is one of the most suitable green plants for novices and the easiest to maintain. It can adapt to low light and even the light of fluorescent lamps can meet its growth needs. Watering once every two weeks in this weather is fine.
  2. Tiger Piran
    If I were to choose the most shade-tolerant plant, then it must be Tiger Piran. They are the best plants for lazy people. They are shade-tolerant, drought-tolerant and barren-tolerant, but they are not cold-tolerant and easy to reproduce. In the picture above, the tiger Piran can also see a lot of side buds, which will be branched in the coming year.
  3. Red star pineapple
    Red star pineapple is one of the most brilliant indoor shade-tolerant plants. It has red buds and looks very festive. It likes a warm and humid environment. If the ambient humidity is too low, it won’t work. There are no good ideas for other methods. Antifreeze, more Spray water to make the soil slightly moist and more shade-tolerant.
  4. Thousand-year wood
    It is a relatively beautiful green plant in the genus Dracaena. It has an elegant appearance. It has a very good air purification effect and is very resistant to shade. It usually does not require much care and has a good ornamental appearance.
  5. Peacock arrowroot
    Peacock arrowroot is a common indoor foliage plant. Its leaves have beautiful spots like peacock feathers. Isn’t it magical that its feathers close in a dark environment? Its resistance to negatives is also relatively good, and it can survive for more than 2 weeks in a small black house.
  6. Purse peony
    Purse peony is most suitable for growing in the shade of trees. Although it is not suitable for growing indoors, it is more suitable for balconies or shady corners of small yards. There are many varieties. The above picture is a more special variety.
  7. White palm
    White palm is a rare indoor flowering green plant. Its flowers are buddha flame-like white flowers that look like lilies. They are very shade-tolerant, can grow well under fluorescent lights, and are very easy to maintain.
  8. Coleus
    Coleus is also more shade-tolerant. Although the color of the leaves will be darker under shade, it can also grow tenaciously. Potted plants are not suitable for exposure in summer. There are many varieties. If you like beautiful and colorful Leaves, it is a good choice.
  9. Papyrus
    Papyrus is a common indoor ornamental plant. It is more shade-tolerant, but it likes a warm and humid environment. The air humidity should not be too low. It is also suitable for water cultivation. It can be planted in a water tank, just like a mini ornamental bamboo.
  10. Green dill
    Scirpus is the most recognized plant. It has heart-shaped leaves. Although the leaves grow weak in the dark, they can still grow tenaciously. The most suitable environment is a warm, humid, bright and airy environment.

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