8 potted herbs that are suitable for indoor planting and can be eaten

If you want to raise some potted plants that are edible and ornamental, don’t miss the following plants, and they are some plants suitable for novices to maintain. They are easy to grow. Just keep regular watering and keep the environment warm and moist.

  1. Lemon balm

Lemon balm grows robustly, does not require too much light for maintenance, grows easily, and has a certain cold tolerance effect. It can also grow below zero and can maintain its evergreen state throughout the year.

The maintenance of lemon balm needs to maintain a warm and moist environment, give it a certain amount of scattered light every day, and water it properly in winter.


There are many varieties of mint, and most of them are edible. They are also some plants that grow easily and do not require much of the environment.

In the process of maintenance, pay attention to keeping the pot soil loose and fertile and good drainage. During the growth process, it is necessary to maintain a warm and moist environment, which can be given appropriate sunlight, and water can be properly controlled in winter to keep the temperature above 0 degrees.


Parsley is a slightly cold-tolerant but heat-labile plant. It grows best in a cold environment in autumn and winter. When sowing, you can soak the seeds for 4 to 8 hours before spreading to keep the pot soil slightly moist. It will soon take root and sprout, and the seedlings will begin to see light slowly, and the temperature can be planted between 5°C and 20°C.

  1. Chives

It is also relatively easy to maintain chives, and it can also be used as a good ornamental plant. The flowering is also quite good. Some friends also think its purple flower bulbs are very beautiful.

It is not difficult to maintain chives in pots. They do not need too much light. They can be grown well in half shade and half sun. Pay attention to keeping the environment warm and moist, avoid the soil from being too dry, and apply thin fertilizers frequently.

  1. Catnip

To maintain catnip, it is necessary to avoid excessively hot environments. Keeping a cold environment is the best growth environment. Maintain it in a half-shadow and half-sun place and maintain good drainage of the pot soil, so that lush potted plants can grow.

6, dill

Dill is a plant that cannot tolerate transplanting. Pay attention to it when planting in the ground or potting. Direct seeding of thinning is the most suitable. Potted planting is easy to be loose, the soil needs to be deep, and growth requires sufficient light to keep warm. Humid environment.

7, coriander

Coriander is the easiest to propagate by seeding. Sowing is easy to germinate. As long as the temperature is suitable, it can grow in all seasons. The maintenance needs to maintain a loose, fertile and well-drained soil. Choose a deep, air-permeable container. The planting environment is best to have a proper planting environment. illumination.

  1. Thyme

Thyme maintenance does not require frequent watering, as long as you keep the environment warm, pay attention to giving more sufficient light, more than 4 hours of light a day, plus good drainage, loose and fertile soil, it can maintain a vigorous growth state.

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