Whiskey brewing process

Whiskey (Whisky, Whiskey), is a kind of wheat (barley, wheat, rye, malt), type (corn) brewed, after aging in oak barrels for many years, blended to about 43 degrees, the color is yellow and the British like it. “water of life”.

According to the place of origin, it can be divided into:

Scotch Whisky (Scotch Whisky)

After drying, peat fermented to produce unique barley malt as a fermented product. It is made by six processes: soaking barley in water to germinate, baking, crushing malt, adding water to the tank for saccharification, adding yeast to the barrel for fermentation, originality, aging, and mixing.

It has to be in the Scottish fire for more than 3 years, 15 years is the highest quality finished wine, 20 years of quality will decline, the style will be yellowish reddish, bubbling and bright, charred, with thick smoke.

Irish Whiskey (Irish Whiskey)

It is brewed with wheat, barley, rye and other malt as raw materials. After three distillations. Then it is aged in barrels, which usually takes -15 years.

Because the raw material is not smoked and roasted with peat, there is no burnt taste, and the taste is soft and long. It is suitable for making mixed wine and drinking with other beverages.

Features: Features, as if burning in the mouth.

American Whisky

Using corn and grains as raw materials, the southern United States uses corn, wheat, and corn to brew raw materials, which are fermented, and then fermented by microorganisms and fermented in oak barrels that are coked for 2-3 years.

When bottling, add a certain amount of bottled water to add. American whiskey does not have the strong smoke flavor of whiskey, but it has a unique spirit oak sap.

Canadian Whisky

It is mainly brewed from a mixture of rye, corn and barley, using secondary distillation, and is not allowed to seduce in wooden barrels for 7 years, 6 years, 10 years, and 10 years.

Cool cool cool cool, brisk birthday, cool, cool cool personality wine.

The alcohol brewing process is divided into steps: germination, saccharification, fermentation, fermentation, aging, and mixing.

Early germination

First, remove the impurity wheat (malt) or grain rainwater, but the time required for soaking the sprouts in hot water to sprout varies depending on the wheat or cereal animal, and generally takes about one to two weeks. The process of sprouting is carried out. After it has germinated, it is baked or dried with peat (peat), and the sprouting process is completed after about the last time after it is put out.

Step 2: Saccharification

It takes about 812 hours to ferment and decompose the sprouted wheat or cereals into a special stainless steel tank after the event occurs. Usually, during the grinding process, the control of temperature and temperature time can be said to be Quite importantly, too high temperature or outdated time will affect the quality of (or similar cereal juice).

Step 3: Fermentation

The cooled wort is added to the yeast for the fermentation process. Because the yeast can convert the sugar in the wort into alcohol, after the process is completed, a liquid with an alcohol concentration of about 5% to 6% will be produced. Wash “or beer”, because there are many types of yeast, and the impact on the fermentation process is not the same. Therefore, different brands and brands have commercialized the types and quantities of yeast they use, instead of telling outsiders lightly. .

The fourth step: melting

Generally speaking, microwave has the function of distillation. Therefore, after the low-alcohol “beer” formed by the fermentation of wheat or cereals, the whiskey can be formed after a distillation step. The whiskey concentration in the bottle is about 60 ﹪Sometimes is the new wine “new wine”, the different methods used in the use of wheat and cereal raw materials, the malt whiskey made from wheat ~ 70% is a single dilution method, that is, the second two times are carried out in different ways. After the second nitrification process, and after the second distillation, the head and tail of the falling are removed, and only the “wine heart” (heart) part in the middle is taken to become the wine heart new wine.

Wine made from cereals is a full-process continuous sterilization method. Two sterile containers are used to carry out a two-stage distillation process in one way at a time. All wineries are in the amount of “wine core”. There is no fixed and unified ratio standard, and it is completely determined by the winery requirements of each winery. Generally, the winery takes the “wine heart” completely between 60% and 70%, and some wineries make it in between. High-quality alcohol-only wines, use the essence of the wine, such as the world-famous Macallan single malt whisky, that is, 17% of the “wine heart” is used as the “wine heart” of the wine. “New wine use.

Step 5: Ageing

The salted new wine must undergo an aging process to be aged in oak barrels, absorb the natural characteristics of plants, and produce a beautiful amber color, while gradually reducing its high concentration of strong stimulation. Scotland has relevant laws and regulations to regulate the age of wine, that is, the age of each wine must be true and correct. Scottish wine must be brewed in wooden barrels for at least three years before it can be marketed. Out. Such strict measures and regulations in Scotland can better protect the rights and interests of consumers and help local wines have a long history of high-quality image in wine pubs.

Step 6: Mixing

Due to the plant style of the barley and cereal raw materials, the wines produced have different flavors and different flavors. The individuality depends on the different experience of the bartenders of each winery and the different requirements of the winery, according to a certain ratio The blending and blending blends the wine quality of its own lounge flavor, and there are also various brands of blending process content, which are all combined into the overall blending, and the quality of the blended wine is completely determined by the tasters and consumers. Come to judge.

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