How to judge whether the wine wooden box is original?

There are also original wooden boxes for wine, so how to judge that the wooden boxes are original? The following three points are indispensable:

① Check the fastness

An original wooden box came across the ocean, so its fastness guarantees its safety, which is a standard requirement of Europeans.

② Obvious winery LOGO

There is often a very obvious winery logo on the periphery of the wooden box, including the vintage of the wine. This is for export and import, the customs can know what is in the box without opening the box, which is convenient for customs and commodity inspection.

③ Fumigation mark

In addition to the winery logo, there is also a very important, tiny wheat ear logo printed on the wooden box, along with some information, which is the fumigation mark. All wood products must be fumigated and exterminated before entering China when they are exported in Europe. Only wooden boxes that have been fumigated are allowed to be imported. Otherwise, our country is forbidden to import, so the fumigation mark It is an important sign to prove the legality and safety of this wooden packaging.

IPPC logo

(The internationally accepted logo means that the wooden packaging has been processed)

Why fumigation?

In international trade, in order to protect their own resources, countries impose compulsory quarantine systems on some imported goods. Wood packaging fumigation is a mandatory measure taken to prevent harmful pests from harming the forest resources of the importing country. Therefore, for export goods containing wood packaging, the wood packaging must be detoxified before shipment, and fumigation is one of the methods of detoxification.

After reading it, do you know how to identify the original wooden box?

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