Why is the stem of the red wine glass long?

Friends who love wine know that common red wine glasses have long stems. Why is this? What is the use of the long stem of the red wine glass? In fact, wine is a delicate drink. Any wine has its suitable drinking temperature. The long stem of the wine glass is to minimize the influence of the taster’s hand temperature on the wine.

If you have ever drunk wine with an ordinary footless glass or a short glass, you should notice that after you hold the cup and drink, it will leave finger marks on the clean and transparent cup belly, which will affect your wine The observation of color is not very beautiful visually. With a long goblet, you can keep your fingers away from the cup belly as much as possible to avoid the embarrassment of leaving fingerprints.

Whether it is a crystal wine glass or an ordinary red wine glass, the belly and the wall of the cup are relatively thin and smooth. Imagine if you don’t have a long stem, hold the belly directly with your hands. If you can’t grasp the strength, it may slip or fall. Risk of crushing. In addition, when clinking glasses with others, the long stem can avoid the embarrassment of touching your fingers.

Have you tried a red wine shaker? Many wine tasters are used to gently shaking the glass before tasting the full-bodied wine to help release the aroma substances in it, so the long stem of the goblet undoubtedly plays an important role in this action, making the red wine shaker this The action is more elegant and smooth.

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