The world’s oldest wine variety | Muscat grapes you must know

Muscat grapes can be said to be one of the oldest wine grapes in the world. At present, white wine made from Muscat grapes has become one of the most popular white wines in the world. In recent years, Muscat grapes have become more and more popular under the promotion of several large wineries. Today we will take a closer look at this ancient and fresh grape variety!


Muscat, called Muscat in English and Moscato in Italian, is an important member of the world of wine grapes. Muscat is considered by many to be the oldest grape variety in the world, and some studies have even pointed out that most wine grape varieties in the world are evolved from Muscat grapes.

Muscat grapes are widely planted around the world and generally have a strong sweet floral and fruity aroma. The aroma of muscadine comes from certain chemicals contained in it, such as rich monoterpenes and high concentrations of antioxidant flavonoids.

Because its aroma often attracts insects such as bees, some people call this variety “bee grape”. It is also inferred that the foreign word for Muscat comes from “Musca”, which means “fly” in Latin, and these flies are often attracted by this fragrant grape.

Tips: Every year, May 9th is International Muscat Day. The International Muscat Day was officially launched in 2012 and it is a very young festival.

Huge musk family

Strictly speaking, Muscat is not a grape variety, but a huge family of grapes. There are more than 200 members in the Muscat family, and the variety of styles it covers makes even the well-known and complicated Pinot family (Pinot) stand down.

In the Muscat family, Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains, Muscat of Alexandria and Muscat Ottonel are all important varieties.

White Muscat

White Muscat grapes are commonly used in winemaking. This variety is widely used in the production of Asti Spumante, Clairette de Die, and Muscat de Beaumes. -de-Venise) and so on.

Alexandre Muscat

Muscat Alexandria has a very high degree of maturity and a considerable yield. It is usually used to make raisins, but it is also used to make sherry or sweet wine. Wines made from Muscat Alexandria grapes have a higher alcohol content and a sweet taste, but the softness is often lacking.

Muscat Ottonay

Ottonay Muscat has a relatively flat personality and is suitable for planting in areas with cooler climates. It is often used to make sweet wines in Romania, Bulgaria, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, and Ukraine, while it is often used to make dry wines in Alsace, Slovakia and Hungary.
Variety of types

Due to the many branches of the Muscat family, the wines made from Muscat grapes are also very diversified. The currently popular Muscat wines worldwide include the following main types:

  • Dry white wine from Alsace, France
  • Sparkling wine from the Asti region of Italy
  • Beaumes-de-Venise fortified wine from the Rhone Valley, France
  • Australia’s fortified Liqueur Muscat wine
  • Sherry (Muscat is one of the three legal grapes for Spanish Sherry)

As can be seen from the above popular Muscat wines, Muscat has a variety of styles, from sparkling wines to sweet wines to dry still wines. In addition, the planting range of Muscat grapes also covers producing areas around the world. Whether it is Italy and France with a long history, or Chile, the United States, Australia and so on in the New World, Muscat is a widely planted variety.

Muscat is one of the most widely planted grape varieties in the world. Muscat can be easily found in the following countries: Italy, France, Brazil, Greece, Hungary, South Africa, Australia, Spain, Portugal, Lebanon, Sicily and the Mediterranean Some countries along the coast of Africa.

Outstanding features

As mentioned above, a major feature of Muscat grapes is their outstanding aroma, with obvious aromas of rose petals, orange blossoms, orange essential oil, ripe peaches and other fruit aromas.

Despite the outstanding aroma, the acidity of Muscat wine is only moderate. Most Muscat wines are not suitable for long-term storage.

The best match for Chinese food

The sweetness and fresh taste of Muscat wine, coupled with low alcohol content, make it the best match for many cuisines, especially spicy dishes such as Sichuan, Thai and Vietnamese. In general, the ginger and chili flavors that often appear in Chinese food are very suitable for pairing with muscat wine.

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