What are the meals and dishes suitable for whiskey (except during tasting)?

Unless people can’t find water when choked by food and use wine to smooth their throats, they basically won’t put wine and food in their mouths at the same time for chewing. If you really want to do this, you don’t need to think about the combination anyway. It’s a mess. Usually, people either drink a sip of wine before eating, or drink between meals, so the combination of wine and food we feel is the smell, taste, aftertaste of the mouthfeel, aftertaste and the other. The fusion and collision of the whole experience of the three feelings, so Marriage has the meaning of existence.

The basic flavor of Scottish single malt whisky

Taste: sweet and bitter two tastes are common and obvious, sour taste is weak, salty taste and mineral sensation are rare and rarely have particularly obvious performance;

Taste: Creamy texture-dominated by American oak, oily texture-dominated by distiller type, hot, warm, spicy and thick, smooth, smooth-dominated by alcohol concentration, tannin-dominated by European oak & wine types that were once filled in barrels, Rough and delicate-ageing time & barrel ageing quality dominate;

Aroma: Alcoholic aroma-Alcohol dominant, plant, lemon & orange fruits, refreshing temperate & tropical fruits and flowers aroma-Distillation process & distiller shape leading, honey, grains and some special flowers and fruits Aroma-germinated barley & fermentation process dominated, peat & smoked aroma-peat from different origins dominated, canned fruit, ripe fruit, desserts & cakes, spice aromas-age & barrel age dominated.

Why are you saying this here? Because the premise of wine and food is that we must have an absolute understanding of them, otherwise all kinds of mistakes are inevitable. 1. The Islay peat-flavored whisky that many lovers have heard of is suitable for raw oysters. Let’s not care what kind of oysters we eat. If the peat aroma of the Single Islay Malt you choose is strong fried fish, bacon or factory flavor, or the one you picked has an excellent Shirley barrel style, believe me you built it It is a Marriage full of domestic violence.
(Oysters such as Gillardeau and Belon, which have smoked, iodine, and marine flavors, are actually suitable for Highball made with extremely light Single Highland/Speyside Malt-but you must not add lemon, I suggest you treat it well Oysters are best not to be paired with any wine.) 2. Certain 15-18-year-old Single Highland/Speyside Malt can be paired with stews and have a good effect. That is the case, but if it is full of rich garlic & spices Provencal stews with a strong smell or northeastern stews with a strong sour taste, I am afraid that many whiskeys are too small to look at.

Second, the principle of collocation

(1) Foods that are difficult to match or have no obvious matching effect 1. Sour and salty In fact, whiskey is much easier to match sour foods than wine. After all, its wine is relatively heavy, plump, and has a certain resistance to acid (such as micro Tart apples, pastries, etc.), but if you encounter foods with high acidity (sauerkraut, pickles, lemons), don’t try it reluctantly. The taste experience is completely overwhelming. This principle also applies to foods with high salt content.

  1. Compared with this kind of food, the flavor of the vegetable food that highlights the flavor of the ingredient itself, whiskey, lacks similarities, and cannot be close in strength.
    (Nuts, cheese, and crushed pepper are completely okay, but pea sprouts…) 3. Garlic, coriander, and fennel are the same, unless they are just used to add a little flavor. 4. Eggs, whether they are boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, fried eggs or egg custard, have unique textures and flavors. Even if there is nothing wrong with whiskey, they will not have a good effect. 5. Foods with delicate flavor and changing experience. Single malt whiskey is not as delicate and varied as wine, and the stimulating effect of high alcohol content on taste buds cannot be ignored. If you eat boiled cabbage with extremely refined cooking methods, boiled dried shreds, Clear soup, sushi and other foods are better to be enjoyed separately from the wine. (The same applies to the oysters in the previous article, no matter which whisky is used, it will more or less cover the sexy metallic taste and minerality of Belon)
    (2) The principle of collocation of whiskey and food
  2. The principle of similarity The main notes of the aroma and taste of wine and food must be similar in at least one aspect. This combination is not easy to make mistakes. For example: a single malt with a heavy Shirley flavor, with its main taste, sweet and bitter, and rich toffee, dark chocolate, coffee and other elements in the aroma performance, which can be paired with chocolate cakes; smoked and roasted have a strong aroma The peat-flavored single malt whisky can be paired with smoked and cured dishes.
    1 (Fried pork gong is smoked and grilled.)
  3. The principle of complementarity The main notes of the aroma and taste of wine and food must be complementary in at least one aspect. This combination has a certain fault tolerance rate and also has a certain effect on flavor. For example: Shirley-style single malt with sweet and bitter taste can conceal or enhance the salty taste to a certain extent, while the aroma of smoked, roasted, marine peat and the barrel-aged aroma of oriental spices can be combined well. The rich flavor of meat and braised pork is good when paired with braised pork, braised pork, sauced pork, and stew.
    (Whiskey and marriage boiled on fire can be perfect, but remember that if you choose sherry style, you must use refill sherry-1stfill sherry’s whiskey. It really can easily beat this heavy taste food. The peat flavor is ocean, smoke, and grill The same aroma is better) In addition, with a certain degree of aging, Single Highland/Speyside Malt, which highlights the fresh aroma of orange & lemon fruits, or the aroma of tangerine peel, dried fruit, and alcohol, can also exert similar effects.
  4. The principle of unconventionalness does not seek similarity and tolerance, and does not seek complementarity, but only seeks the unforgettable aftertaste produced by the most violent collision in a moment. The highly-aged bourbon barrel produces a ripe tropical fruit aroma, vanilla aroma and a certain creamy texture with delicate meaty fish, poultry light sauce dishes and Masala curry or Thai green curry. Highly aged 1stfill or 2ndfill Shirley style whiskey produces chocolate, dried fruit, preserved fruit, spice aromas and obvious tannins, which can be matched with dense fish and poultry sauce dishes.
    (Grilled tuna with thick sauce can be paired with heavy sherry, but the chocolate aroma, jam aroma and sweetness, bitterness and tannins are not too heavy, and the quality requirements for the barrel aging are extremely high.) Iced heavy peat flavor Single Islay
    Malt has an obvious oily texture, and the aroma has also degenerated into a simple smoke, roasted mud gas and fresh lemon fruit aroma. At this time, it can be paired with a light sauce, light marinated or light pickled with firm meat and obvious fiber. Meat with a light smoky flavor.

Three, carefully match

Even for a particular type of Scottish single malt whisky, its quality and performance are not stable. Although the raw materials and distillation processes used by each distillery basically follow its own tradition and seldom undergo major adjustments, once the barrel aging process is reached, all changes are not controlled by anyone. Independent bottlers basically cannot afford to hire high-level blenders, so they have to launch single-barrel bottling that depends on good or bad and fluctuates in style. However, due to the changes in its barrel aging resources and the adjustment of the blending style in order to adapt to the changes in the mainstream preference style of the market, the distillery cannot fully ensure that the bottling of each batch is consistent over a long period of time. Expressive style. If we need to use whiskey to match food, don’t take risks. Using the familiar version of bottling is the safest way to deal with it. Experience will only be useful when we have tried and experienced the match.

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