Conditions for growing wine grapes

There is a saying in the wine industry: Seven points for grapes, three points for brewing. The main meaning is that the key factor that determines the quality of a bottle of wine is mainly the quality of the grapes. The climate of the grape growing environment, the weather conditions of the year and the soil conditions of the vineyard are essential for the production of high-quality grapes.

The weather

The weather is different every year, so every year the weather also affects the quality and style of wine. The most important time period is the growth period of the grapes, especially the ripening period of the grapes. Extreme weather, such as hail, wind, flood, and night frost will affect the size and quality of the grapes. If the grapes are damaged by hail during the ripening process, the fruit will be knocked to the ground, the grape skin will be damaged, and it is easy to be infected with mold. Unusual hot and cold weather will affect the quality, and advanced grape planting and winemaking techniques will reduce the impact of weather on wine.


The most basic principle of the soil required for planting grape vines is to have enough space for the roots to grow luxuriantly, so that the grape roots can get the maximum and fastest access to the minerals (such as potassium, magnesium, iron) in the soil.

  1. Poor soil. Because the vines grow on fertile soil, the branches and leaves will be too luxuriant, and the grapes produced have a single flavor, which is not suitable for making wine.
  2. The drainage of the soil is better. Because we know that the rhizome of a plant does not turn in circles, it will only grow vertically downwards. Under the condition of insufficient water, the roots will grow downwards to find the water they need. The deeper the roots, the more flavor substances they can absorb. , The more complex the flavor of the wine.
  3. The soil needs to be deep enough. This factor will only be considered when the first two conditions are met, because the underground riverbed in some places is located on a high level, and the roots may be more than 2 meters in contact with water. The deeper the soil, the more minerals, the better for the grapes.


There are many wine-producing regions on every continent in the world, but basically all wine-producing regions are located between 30-50 degrees north and south latitude. Between this latitude, because of the difference in latitude, it can be divided into cool climate, mild climate, and hot climate. Different climatic characteristics are suitable for different grape varieties and planting methods.

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