Is it ever recommended to chill red wine?

The temperature of serving wine mainly depends on the characteristics of the flavor and style of the wine to be drunk, followed by the purpose and environment of drinking.

If the wine is stored in a normal environment, when it is taken out, it will naturally be the internal temperature of the wine cellar/electronic wine cabinet, which can be 12-16 degrees Celsius. Just take the static thousand type red wine as an example, if you don’t consider the need to change the bottle and decanter the wine before drinking, it will also
Regardless of the specific grape varieties, the style, flavor, and differences produced by the winemaking process, it is usually not necessary to consider cooling and heating, just drink directly.
But special circumstances always exist, only for static dry red wines:

  1. People gather for wine: At least in China, the indoor temperature where we drink alcohol is unlikely to be lower than 20 degrees Celsius (whether it is in winter or summer, the temperature is already very low, isn’t it), room temperature around 22-25 degrees Celsius is more common, such as space The room temperature may be higher when there are a lot of people inside. In such an environment, we share those wines that require a long time to sober and breathe. The sober time before drinking is 12-24 hours, and it takes 1-3 hours to cancel the bottle. If the flavor development and performance of the wine are not cooled, the performance will definitely be better. Affected, according to site conditions
    Effective cooling methods that can be used are ice buckets, ice glasses (frozen clean wine glasses) and refrigerators.
  2. Single tasting: usually occurs in the case of tasting wines that require a long time to wake up and breathe. It takes 48 hours to 72 hours or more from the opening of the bottle to breathe the wine. If the family does not have dedicated constant temperature and vacuum wine storage equipment, or its own electronic wine cabinet
    There is also no space to hold wine bottles vertically. The common storage method is to vacuumize the wine bottle and throw it into the refrigerator freezer, and then take it out when you want to taste it. At this time, the temperature of the wine is basically 4-8 degrees Celsius. If you have patience Waiting for it to heat up, anxiously observe its development, and try it immediately
    There is nothing wrong with the static dry red wines with extremely complex flavors that are drinkable and admirable at low temperatures. The undesirable serving temperature just does not allow them to show their best performance.
  3. Seasonal meals: It is a custom in some regions of Italy to use static dry red table wine with cold to sparkling wine serving temperature in hot summer with tomato cold soup, tomato pasta or egg cakes, tomato stewed eggs at breakfast, Foods such as ham and sausage. Being a fan doesn’t need to be serious
    When you are serious about tasting, you just want to enjoy the pleasure of wine or wine and food. The grape varieties have high tannins, high acidity, whether they are selected or not, whether you are artificial yeast or natural yeast, and whether they are aged in stainless steel tanks for half a year or not. 1009% French oak aged in new barrels-year or
    Old Slovenian oak barrels are aged for four years. BBBA’s Riserva. The top Bordeaux-style blends and Rhone Valley-style blends of various countries, and even on the left and right sides of Bordeaux, there is nothing that cannot be drunk at the serving temperature of sweet wine and sparkling wine. The fun and enjoyment of pure drinking or catering with iced fine wine will never be lower than that of iced table wine.

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