The height of adolescents is mainly affected by the following factors

  1. Lack of sleep and poor sleep quality result in slow bone development and short stature. Scientists in the United States and Japan have found that humans secrete a large amount of growth hormone during sleep, especially between 22 pm and 2 am is the best period of growth hormone secretion. Therefore, friends who often work at night, people with frequent nightlife, and those with irregular sleep patterns, And those who sleep less will affect height growth to a considerable extent. Therefore, we hereby remind young friends: Generally, preschool children need 12 hours of sleep a day, 10 hours a day for 7-13 years old, 9 hours a day for 13-15 years old, and 7-8 hours for 15 years old and above.
  2. Endocrine system dysfunction and metabolic dysfunction will slow height growth and often have complications. According to medical principles, if adolescent friends in the growth and development period are disordered in their metabolism and endocrine function, they can cause a series of adverse reactions in the body. For example: slow growth, insomnia, forgetfulness, vision loss, acne, gastrointestinal indigestion, lack of food, fatigue and weakness, women will experience dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation and other physiological diseases, so it is important to adjust the body’s system functions. According to the investigation data of the relevant medical department, the shortness of adolescent friends who often suffer from the above-mentioned symptoms is the root cause of his {her} not having a strong metabolism.
  3. Irrational diet and poor nutrient absorption are also an aspect that leads to short stature. For tall people, trace elements such as nucleic acids, vitamins, amino acids, calcium, phosphorus, iron, and zinc are the backup materials for bone development. Therefore, if you don’t have a partial eclipse or pay more attention to eating some foods containing the above nutrients, it will be helpful. Helps grow taller. For example, Dr. Kawada proposed five nutritious foods: milk, fish, carrots, spinach, citrus and so on. In addition, it should be pointed out that whether it can be absorbed and utilized by the human body is the key. For example, many parents know that calcium, iron, and zinc supplements are helpful for height, so they buy a lot of calcium and other nutrients for their children to take, but the result is still not growing, indicating that the absorption and utilization of calcium and other trace elements in the body is not high, so It still doesn’t grow tall.
  4. The effect of exercise on height. Appropriate exercise will benefit the healthy development of bones. What is the right amount? Each individual’s individual differences cause their quantification standards to vary. In principle, it is appropriate not to feel bone soreness after exercise. In some rural mountainous areas of our country, young people in the developmental stage often need to do a lot of manual labor, such as carrying heavy objects on their shoulders, carrying water, etc. This will suppress the growth of the spine, so people are short; some friends often Because they are not tall, they disregard all overload exercises, resulting in increased pressure between the bones, and eventually they still do not grow tall. In addition, some friends refuse to participate in any exercise, which is also wrong. The sports that promote the growth of lower limbs include jumping and running; the sports that promote the growth of the spine include pull-ups, free hanging, horizontal bars, etc.; the sports that promote overall growth include rhythmic gymnastics, martial arts, swimming, and ball games.
  5. Emotions also affect height. Introverted friends often slow down metabolism due to depression. Therefore, the conversion and utilization of various ingredients in the body that are conducive to growth is reduced, which slows down the body’s development; on the contrary, friends with irritable personality have a super strong metabolic rate of nutrients. , So there are still few ingredients actually used for self-growth and growth, which also slows down the human body. Therefore, maintaining a stable mentality in life is beneficial to one’s own growth and development.
  6. Nicotine and alcohol affect height growth. Friends who smoke and drink, especially those who have this hobby between the ages of 13-20, are harmful to growing taller. Nicotine and tar in cigarettes can inhibit the secretion of human hormones and affect height growth. Alcohol can not only damage the central nervous system, but also cause excessive burden on the heart, stomach and liver, and also affect height growth. Teenage friends should develop a good lifestyle and refrain from smoking or drinking.

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