Is succulent suitable for indoor planting?

Most of the succulents are sun-loving. From the perspective of the growth of succulents, they are not suitable for growing indoors. If you must grow succulents indoors, you need to ensure plenty of sunlight and don’t water too much. There are also some succulents that do not require strong sunlight, such as cacti, jade dew, snow lotus, blue stone lotus, white peony, and Qingsheng brocade.

The difference between indoor farming and open-air farming:
Indoor cultivation: There is no excessive sunlight, no rain water, no natural breeze blowing, and the succulents cultivated indoors are more delicate and delicate.

Nursing: Almost all succulents raised in the open area rely on nature, so both in terms of color and appearance, they are much better than those cultivated indoors. Even became very skinny.

So if you want succulents to grow better and stronger, it is best to move them outdoors. However, it is not recommended to move the succulents that have been kept indoors for a long time. Because he has adapted to the indoor environment, he has become very weak, so he is not suitable for outdoor nursing. (The weakness here refers to the adaptability of plants)

Succulents that are very suitable for indoor breeding:

  1. Yulu: It is the succulent plant that needs the least sunlight among the succulents;
  2. Snow lotus: I have no preference for sun exposure;
  3. Blue stone lotus: When there is no sunlight, master the amount of watering, which can also make the “lotus” grow normally;
  4. White Peony and Qingsheng Brocade;
  5. Cactus, “Lotus”, etc.

In fact, even if they are bred indoors, let them feel the warmth of the sun, the gentle breeze, and the natural ventilation environment on a regular basis.

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