How do you make wine at home?

  1. Wash the pottery urn and disinfect it with boiling water
  2. Gently rinse the whole bunch of grapes in cold boiling water for a few times, pick them up, and put the grapes in a clean basket to dry the surface moisture.
  3. Crush the whole grapes and put them in the pottery urn. After putting half of the grapes into the pottery urn, pour all the rock sugar into the urn to cover the grapes in the urn. Then crush the other half of the grapes and put them in the urn. The volume of the grapes placed cannot exceed eight-tenths of the volume of the urn.
  4. Cover the urn with a piece of clean gauze, and place the pottery urn in a cool and dark place for three days for aerobic fermentation. And during these three days, use a pair of clean chopsticks into the pottery urn to stir the grapes in the urn once a day to facilitate the aerobic fermentation of the grapes. When stirring, you will see a lot of bubbles coming out.
  5. After three days, water seal the pottery urn (cover the lid of the pottery urn and pour clean water on the edge of the pot) for seven days. During these seven days, a pair of clean chopsticks are needed every day. Stir the grapes in the urn once in the pottery urn to facilitate the continued fermentation of the grapes. During these seven days, the water around the urn will often hear the “grumbling” sound, that is, the fermented grapes are exhausting.
  6. After seven days, filter the fermented wine. Use a non-metallic spoon to scoop out the wine and the scum, and filter it with a clean gauze.
  7. Put the filtered wine into a bottle and close the lid. During this period, wine will continue to ferment, so you must not put wine in glass bottles, otherwise the gas produced by fermentation will cause glass bottles to explode. Put wine in plastic bottles and open the lid regularly every day to ferment. The generated gas is released.
  8. After seven days, filter the wine again, then put it in the bottle and seal it for storage. You must wait at least one month before you can drink it. The longer the time, the better the taste, and the longer the wine, the more mellow it will be.

Little trick

Three taboos:
1 During the whole production process, raw water should not be touched. The grapes are washed with cold boiled water.
2 Metal utensils cannot be used in the whole production process.
3 The oil should not be touched during the whole production process.

Eight notes:
1 The hoarfrost on the surface of grapes cannot be scrubbed off, because it is natural yeast, and wine is fermented by this hoarfrost.
2 Choose fresh grapes, those with a layer of hoarfrost on the surface. The grapes without hoarfrost on the surface are not fresh enough.
3 The color of wine made from darker grapes is darker.
4 The selected grapes do not have to be too sweet, because rock sugar is added during the brewing process.
5 The amount of rock sugar cannot be too small, because sugar is the best preservative.
6 The wine needs to be filtered twice to make the wine clearer.
7 The urn used for making wine is best to choose an opaque pottery urn. If the urn you use is a transparent glass urn, you should cover the urn with a black plastic bag during the fermentation process.
8 Put the wine urn and bottle in a cool place and avoid sunlight.

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