How to replace the LED lamp beads when the LED lamp is repaired?

When repairing LED lamps, sometimes you will encounter a situation where the whole LED light source is only broken with one or two LED beads, which causes the whole lamp light source to not light up. Although it is convenient and simple to replace the light source as a whole, there are certain repair methods. The criticism is also a waste of resources! In fact, as long as some simple gadgets and a little patience can turn the light source of the broken LED lamp into a treasure, let the LED lamp continue to glow and heat back to normal work, not only reduces the maintenance cost, but also does not need to buy the spare parts of the lamp. During the period, I encountered the embarrassment of not being able to use the lamp normally. Here are the steps to change the LED lamp beads one by one:

How to replace the LED lamp beads when the LED lamp is repaired?


  • Simple constant temperature heating station
  • tweezers
  • Lamp beads (daily damaged LED light sources can be left as spare parts)


How to find out the bad lamp beads?

Generally, LED lamps do not light up. It is often that one or more of the LED lamp beads in the series circuit of the LED lamp bead burns out and causes the LED circuit board to break, causing the LED circuit to be blocked and the lamp as a whole does not light or flicker. For LED lamp beads The burnt out lamp bead can be found through careful observation. The burnt out lamp bead has black dots on it, which is distinctive. After finding out, mark it out to facilitate the maintenance and replacement of the lamp bead.

Next, let’s talk about the operation steps of changing the lamp beads:

First of all, 25-30 seconds after turning on the switch, the constant temperature heating table can heat up to 250±10°C. The short-term heating of the LED aluminum substrate or glass fiber board material in this temperature range will not damage the LED lamp beads;

Then put the repair part of the LED lamp close to the heating table for about 10 seconds. After the solder paste for soldering the lamp beads is melted, you can easily replace the lamp beads with tweezers. First use tweezers to remove the broken lamp beads one by one, and then prepare The spare parts of the lamp beads (you can remove the lamp beads from some discarded LED light sources in advance and turn them into treasures as spare lamp beads) and replace them one by one. It should be noted that when changing the lamp beads, pay attention to the +-positive of the LED lamp beads. In the negative direction, the lamp does not light up when the lamp is connected reversely. The trick to avoid similar problems is to compare how the adjacent lamp beads are arranged.

Finally, after replacing the lamp beads, move the repair department to the heating platform for 3-5 seconds. After the LED aluminum substrate or glass fiber board cools down, the solder paste will solidify and automatically weld the lamp beads.

The heating table can be used on both sides, and can be selected according to the actual size of the LED light board.


During the maintenance operation, the heating table and the contacting parts are hot, please do not touch it to avoid scalding, pay attention to the safe operation!
Pay attention to the +-direction of the LED lamp beads when replacing the lamp beads!

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