Wine and beer cannot be drunk together.

Beer contains histamine. When the beer is ingested into the stomach and small intestine, the histamine in the beer expands the capillaries on the wall of the stomach and small intestine, thereby accelerating the absorption of alcohol and rapidly increasing the concentration of ethanol in the blood.

The chlorogenic acid contained in beer has a nerve-stimulating effect, can promote the secretion of gastric juice and bile, strengthen gastrointestinal motility, and promote the absorption of ethanol.

Beer is different from other alcoholic beverages. It also contains carbon dioxide, which can stimulate the stomach wall, accelerate the rate of gastric emptying, and force alcohol into the small intestine, thereby accelerating the rate of absorption.

The dangers of mixed drinking

  1. Increase the risk of liver cancer
  2. Drinking alcohol in combination has a 6-10 times higher risk of liver cancer than drinking alone.
  3. Harm the heart and brain blood vessels
  4. Mixed drinking of alcohol will stimulate nerves and blood vessels more severely than single drinking, thereby increasing the probability of cardiovascular disease.
  5. In addition, in addition to trying not to mix beer with other alcoholic beverages, it is also best not to mix sparkling beverages such as cola, sprite, and soda. This will also promote the absorption of alcohol and make you drunk quickly.

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