Which fields are LED plant grow light suitable for?

The scope of application of led plant growth light:

It is suitable for water solution cultivation, gardening, home balcony sowing/seedling/breeding, plant factories, farms, flower exhibitions, gardens, potted plants and other fields of flower and vegetable cultivation. The best effect is to use during the flower and vegetable seedling and leaf period, and the hydroponic vegetable growth period. The product can replace the sun to meet the light required for plant photosynthesis, increase plant photosynthesis, and promote plant nutrient transformation, absorption and deposition. It is conducive to strong seedlings, leaves and stems of plants, accelerates the growth of seedlings, and promotes strong leaves and early maturity of leafy vegetables.

Advantages of led plant growth light:

  • Energy-saving and power-saving: energy-saving is the most obvious, with less heat dissipation, which reduces the operation of the air conditioner. It can replace traditional lamps with 3-5 times the power, saving more than 50% of electric energy.
  • Shorten the growth cycle, make fruits and vegetables bloom earlier, and prolong the storage period, which can be 5 days in advance a month; it can make vegetables go on the market in advance, so as to achieve the purpose of off-season cultivation.
  • Improve quality, promote plant growth and robustness, prevent overgrowth, increase root vitality and chlorophyll content, thicken branches and leaves, green leaves, stretched leaves, easy to export, and effectively improve the economic benefits of growers;
  • Stable production: it can concentrate light of specific wavelength to irradiate crops evenly; it can not only adjust the flowering and fruiting of crops, but also control the height of plants and the nutrients of plants. The morphology of the plant grows evenly, without unevenness, and the growth is stable;
  • Miniaturization of the production space: The LED system generates less heat and occupies a small space. The traditional use of ordinary fluorescent lamps has poor heat dissipation, so the general tissue culture rack is set to five layers. The LED leafy vegetable growing light system generates less heat, so we can make it closer to the plant. And it is an all-in-one design, with a more compact appearance. Therefore, customers can adjust the layer height of the production rack and add a few more layers. In this way, the expansion of the production space is achieved. Realize low heat load and miniaturization of production space.
  • The rapid development of LED and its unique advantages have expanded new ideas for the development of leafy vegetable plants. On the one hand; on the other hand, LED is a cold light source with very small heat radiation, which can irradiate plants at close range without causing burns to plants. At the same time, leafy vegetables require relatively small growth space, which is suitable for closed plant factories. Layered three-dimensional cultivation, the application of LED light source to leafy vegetable factory production can further effectively use the planting space, double the yield, and greatly reduce the cost.

The characteristics of led plant growth lights:

  1. Use customized wavebands to ensure that the peak wavelength is beneficial to the growth of plants.
  2. The ratio between different lights can be specified by the customer;
  3. Low power, low energy consumption, high light absorption rate, 90% of the emitted light can be absorbed by plants;
  4. The light source adopts high-quality LED, with low light decay, long life, and durability, with a life span of up to 30,000 to 50,000 hours. Its extremely strong durability also reduces operating costs;
  5. The shell adopts high-quality aluminum-plastic tube shell, which is anti-rust and anti-corrosion, meets environmental protection requirements, and does not contain harmful heavy metals such as mercury and lead;
  6. Input voltage AC85-265V, suitable for electricity use all over the world, built-in power supply, no other equipment configuration, directly connected to the AC85-265V voltage with a simple and safe plug to work, easy to use;
  7. Solve the problems of impure light quality, inconsistent light intensity, and low energy efficiency of light source in the spectral components of other artificial light sources.
  8. Using LED supplement light technology in vegetable planting, its growth rate and photosynthetic rate are increased by more than 20%. Used on flowers, it can increase the number of flower buds and blossoms, improve the quality of the flowers and prolong the flowering period.
  9. The company and agricultural experts jointly study the physiological characteristics of plants and find out the light compensation point and saturation point of each plant. Optimum light for plants. Because of these remarkable characteristics, led plant growth lights are very suitable for plant cultivation in a controlled facility environment, such as plant tissue culture, facility gardening and factory seedlings, and aerospace ecological life support systems. LED plant supplement light technology has become popular in the cultivation of flowers and vegetables in Japan and Taiwan.

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