What is the best whisky for beginners?

“Alcohol may be man’s greatest enemy, but the Bible also says, love your enemy.”——. Frank Sinatra (Frank Sinatra)

Nowadays, the hottest spirits-whiskey, has gradually entered our lives. The 20 years of Yu Shi collected by He Han in “My First Half Life” has become the focus of everyone. Where can I buy this sky-high price of whiskey? Don’t worry, today we will talk about the whiskey for novice players.

What is whiskey?

Whiskey is made by fermenting and distilling corn, wheat, barley, rye, rye and other grains as raw materials, and after aging in oak barrels for many years, it is blended into a strong distilled liquor with a temperature of about 43 degrees. According to the origin, it can be divided into: Scotch whisky, Irish whiskey, American whiskey and Canadian whiskey, and Japanese whiskey.

Entry-level whiskey

  1. Jack Daniels
    Jack Daniels’ distillery is located in Tennessee, the United States. Since 1866, it has adhered to the ancient fermentation and brewing process. As a leader in pursuit of American whiskey, Jack Daniels insisted on using only high-quality corn, barley malt and rye as raw materials. After fermentation, distillation, and filtering with maple charcoal.

Jack Daniels tasting notes: caramel, vanilla and toasted oak flavors, amber color, slightly fruity aroma, smooth entrance and long aftertaste.

Jack Daniel’s drinking method: pure drink, with ice, or with cola, etc.

Two and four roses

As the leader of bourbon whiskey, Four Roses whiskey has a history of more than 100 years. Four Roses has an allusion behind the brand: its founder, Bol Youss, is deeply attracted by a peerless beauty. When facing Yous’s proposal, a pin with four roses on his chest appeared in the ball, and he readily agreed to his proposal, so Gu was named Four Roses. The native grains from central Kentucky, USA are fermented, steamed and stored in black oak barrels on the inner layer, and then vinified after at least six years of aging.

Four roses tasting notes: golden color, fruit and honey aroma, crispy apple flavor, smooth and mellow taste, and long lasting rhyme.

Four roses drinking method: pure drink, add ice, or use as base wine to make cocktails, etc.

Three, Zunmeiol

The biggest feature of Jummel whisky is that it is brewed using a unique three-distillation process. As a representative of Irish whiskey, Jummel winery has a history of more than 200 years. With harsh brewing technology, perfect softness has become the pride of Irish people.

Tasting notes: golden color, vanilla and almond aroma, extremely smooth taste, peppery aftertaste, and a long and thick aftertaste.

Respectful drinking method: pure drink, iced, Irish coffee, etc.

Fourth, the Canadian Club

As the lightest whiskey in the world, the Canadian Club selects rye, naked malt and barley malt and other grains as raw materials to make it carefully, and then distills it in a pot distiller, and modulates it in aged white oak barrels. Our Canadian club.

Canadian Club Tasting Notes: The wine body is bronze, has a strong floral and fruity aroma, the entrance is extremely smooth, the mouth is slightly sweet, the aftertaste is long, and the taste of oak is light.

How to drink in Canadian clubs: drink purely, add ice, and make cocktails

Five, Glenfiddich

Glenfiddich is derived from the ancient Gaelic language. Glen represents the heroism of the valley, and Fiddich represents the elk and its unrestrained passion, with the deep meaning of “the valley of the deer”. In 1886, the founder William Ge began his dream in Speyside, Scotland-to create “the best whiskey in the valley”. As a whisky that young people love, Glenfiddich chooses pure wheat and pure malt to carefully ferment and ferment. Every bottle of Glenfiddich has to sleep in oak barrels for at least 12 years.

Glenfiddich tasting notes: golden color, unique fresh fruit flavor, and unique sweet flavor of fruit, long aftertaste, smooth entrance, mellow and warm mouth

Glenfiddich drinking method: pure drink, with ice, etc.

Six, Granville

Glenlivet (Glenlivet) distillery is located at a high altitude of 900 feet geographical location and unique natural conditions have become the famous producer of the finest Scottish single malt whisky. In 1884, Glenlivet obtained legal approval and became the only Scotch whisky entitled to be named “The Glenlivet” and named after the name of Glenlivet. It is also the royal brew selected by the British royal family George IV during his visit to Scotland. Since more than 200 years, we have adhered to and inherited the spirit of “returning to the origin” to make this royal brew.

Granville’s tasting notes: bright golden yellow, soft fruit aromas and aromas of pear, vanilla and honey,

A rich taste and long aftertaste brought by dark chocolate, ginger, cinnamon and licorice root

Granville drinking method: pure drink, with ice

Seven, Granger

The Granger Distillery, founded in 1843, is located in the Highlands of Scotland. It uses Scottish high-quality single malt and the unique Taloshi spring water buried in the ground for more than a hundred years as raw materials. Adhering to the attitude of “striving for excellence”, it chooses the highest quality in Scotland. The distiller is carefully brewed to preserve the flavor of malt as much as possible. Granger also has extremely high requirements for oak barrels. Each oak barrel is only used twice and then discarded, thus ensuring its quality.

Granger’s tasting notes: light lemon golden yellow, fragrant fruit aroma and floral fragrance, smooth yet stimulating taste, unique aroma of malt and fruit, and a long lasting aftertaste

Granger drinking method: pure drink, with ice

  1. McAllen

As the leader of introductory whiskey, Macallan selects “Golden Promise” barley as the raw material, chooses the smallest distiller in Scotland, and distills it through ancient methods. Only 16% of the essence of the wine after double distillation is taken and used The special Spanish sherry oak barrels have been aged for at least 12 years to achieve the excellent quality of Macallan single malt Scotch whisky. The natural color and taste are retained to the greatest extent, and the rich fruit aroma is added.

Macallan tasting notes: deep golden color, unique vanilla aroma with hints of tender ginger, dried fruit and sherry wood aroma, unique smoothness with strong dried fruit and sherry aroma, long-lasting toffee Sweetness of sugar and dried fruits

Macallan drinking method: pure drink, with ice

Nine, Bomo

Pomore Distillery is the first whisky distillery on Islay and one of the oldest whisky distillery in Scotland. It has been standing on the coast of Islay since 1779. Accepting the baptism of the sea breeze and the years, insisting on using fine and traditional ancient brewing techniques, the master handed down from generation to generation manually stirs the malt to make it germinate. The distilled original wine is aged for many years in bourbon and sherry barrel Mature.

Pomo’s tasting notes: the color presents amber and even bronze, a touch of lemon, honey, Islay’s unique smoky flavor, sea breeze and sea salt, and the aftertaste changes subtle and long.

Pomo drinking method: pure drink, with ice

  1. Aukent Xuan

Aukentxuan means “a corner on the plain” in the Gaelic dialect of Scotland. Its winery is located under the lowland hills and looks around the holy Clyde River, creating a unique natural environment for it. The distillery used the bomb crater left by the air raid as a pool for condensing the whiskey. After three more distillations, and more than 12 years of storage in oak barrels, the unique lowland whiskey was born.

Aukentxuan tasting notes: honey-like gold, floral and fruity aromas, with aromas of banana puree, nuts and malt, smooth body, malt, caramel and citrus flavors, and the aftertaste is accompanied by the flavor of sherry

Aukentxuan drinking method: pure drink, with ice

Every whisky is the product of time, and there is a copy of The Angle’s Share

All in all, it’s a long time, but it’s worth the wait

Find a bottle of whiskey that suits you and create a sense of ritual in your life.

If our language is whiskey, I would like to be a mobile time.

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