What is the reason why French wine is so expensive?

We should start with the six factors that determine whether a bottle of wine is good or bad. To determine whether a bottle of grapes is good or bad, there must be six factors: 1. The grape variety is not the most important. 2. Soil is the decisive factor that determines a vine from rooting and sprouting to fruiting. 3. The good or bad climate is also one of the important factors. 4. Humidity is also one of them. 5. Vineyard management is the most basic principle that a farmer should understand. 6. Winemaking technology, the winemaker is the soul of a manor, so the importance needless to say. Let’s take Lafite Village as an example. Lafite Village is the top of the list of famous villages. The first grading system was implemented in 1855 and it was already ranked first as a superstar village.
The Lafite Manor has a total area of ​​90 hectares, with 8,500 vines planted per hectare (1 hectare = 10,000 square meters, and a proper planting distance between each tree is maintained to ensure that the two vines will not interact with each other. Absorb the nutrients and minerals needed by the other party), with an average tree age of more than 40 years (the older vines produce better grapes, as described below), no artificial fertilizers and drugs are used (this is what Really rely on the sky for food. If you know about agricultural farming, you will know that the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides will have an impact on the environment in the future. The evil consequences will really show up after many years, so why do many countries now (Encourage environmental protection), with careful manual care, until the mature grapes reach the standard will be manually picked (if the vintage is not good, the grapes that do not meet the standard will be picked to make a second-brand wine, which is why there are In bad vintages, famous wines will be cut off. After the grapes are picked, they will be screened by more advanced skilled workers before being pressed to ensure that every grape that is pressed meets the high quality requirements. In Lafite every 2 to 3 vines can produce a 750ml bottle of wine.

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