What is the alcoholic concentration of wine, beer, whisky, brandy and rum?

According to the regulations of the International Wine Organization, the alcohol content of wine cannot be lower than 8.5°.

Generally speaking, the alcohol content of wine is mostly between 8% and 15%, (the alcohol content unit is generally% or °), which is mainly determined by the sugar content in the grape fruit. Usually, the alcohol content of wine is between 7 to 16.2 degrees, because once the alcohol content exceeds 16.2 degrees, the yeast stops moving. Although the fermentation of wine is a very complex chemical reaction process, the most important chemical change is the conversion of sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide under the action of yeast, that is, fermentation can be simply expressed as: sugar in grapes + yeast alcohol + Carbon dioxide + heat. Therefore, the sugar content of grapes is high, the alcohol content converted is correspondingly high, and the sugar content of grapes is low, the alcohol content converted is low.

Under normal circumstances, the alcohol content of beer is mostly between 3-5%, the common light beer is 3.3-3.8%; the strong beer is 4-5%; and the alcohol content of German beer is generally higher, about 5 Around or higher. Therefore, if you want to know the alcohol content of beer, you must look at the value of “%vol” after the word “alcohol”.

What is the alcohol content of whiskey? The alcohol content of whiskey is generally more than 40 degrees, around 40 to 43 degrees.

The alcohol content of brandy is generally around 40 degrees

The strong rum is golden yellow, rich in aroma and molasses, pungent and full-bodied, with an alcohol content of 45-50 degrees. The strong type rum is represented by Jamaican.

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