Answers to 30 questions that whisky lovers love to ask

How high is the sugar content of whiskey?
Answer: Whiskey is a distilled liquor. During the distillation of the liquor, the sugar cannot evaporate, so the whiskey obtained after distillation is almost sugar-free.

What is the alcohol content requirement for Scotch whisky?
Answer: 40% is the minimum alcohol content requirement for bottling Scotch whisky, but most of the most common Scotch whisky has an alcohol content of 43% or 46%.

Is it suitable for people with diabetes to drink whiskey?
Answer: Although whiskey contains almost no sugar, its alcohol content is very high. Diabetes patients usually avoid drinking alcohol. Alcohol can cause hypoglycemia in patients treated with sulfonylureas or insulin. Therefore, it is still not recommended for people with diabetes to drink whiskey.

Which cocktail or whiskey has the higher alcohol content?
A: Whiskey is one of the base wines often used in cocktail blending. Generally speaking, the blended cocktails cannot reach the alcohol content of whiskey. Many cocktails blended with spirits have an alcohol content of about 25% after blending. Because some fruit juices or alcoholic beverages with relatively low alcohol content may be added during the blending process, it will certainly play a role in dilution.

Which brandy or whiskey has higher alcohol content?
Answer: Brandy and whiskey are both distilled spirits. They are two of the eight major spirits in the world. Generally, the alcohol content of brandy and whiskey is more than 40%. The specific distillery may vary, but the difference will not be too great. Big.

What is the difference between the same brand of whiskey, 40% and 43%? Is it just the alcohol content?
Answer: For the same brand of whiskey, there is not much difference between 40% and 43% whiskey, but the difference in alcohol content, the production process and the brewing process are the same. The difference in alcohol content may be the change made by the winemaker in order to adjust the taste of the whiskey. It may be a different series of whiskey. The specific difference depends on the specific wine.

How is the quality of Dalmore’s limited edition whiskey?
Answer: Dalmore has launched a limited edition whiskey, only 450 bottles are sold worldwide. It is a whiskey worth collecting. This limited edition whisky has been matured in American white oak barrels for 20 years. The alcohol concentration at the time of bottling is 46%. It is described as having the richest, full and evocative aroma. The aroma of jam seems to be Taste the fresh fruits and peels, roasted Java coffee paired with crushed peanuts and licorice, rich layers.

Which Scotch whisky sells first in the world?
Answer: The number one-selling Scotch whisky in the world is Johnnie Walker.

Which brand of black brand whiskey is? The quality of how? what is the price?
Answer: Black label whiskey is a series of Johnnie Walker products. Compared with red label whiskey, the quality is superior. Black label whiskey is a premium whiskey with high sales in duty-free shops around the world, and has won many awards internationally. In 1994 and 1996, the black label whisky won the gold medal of premium blended whisky in the most authoritative international foreign wine competitions in the world. Therefore, the black label whiskey is indeed a unique wine, fragrant and mellow, and it is worth tasting carefully.

Are there any regulations on the alcohol content of Scotch and Bourbon?
Answer: The alcohol content of bourbon after distillation cannot exceed 80%. When it is aged in freshly smoked oak barrels, its alcohol content cannot exceed 62.5%. As for Scotch whisky, its alcohol content is not higher than 94.8%, and Scotch whisky is usually aged in old oak barrels.

What is the difference in alcohol content between Scotch and Bourbon?
Answer: The alcohol content of bourbon after distillation cannot exceed 80%. When it is aged in freshly smoked oak barrels, its alcohol content cannot exceed 62.5%. As for Scotch whisky, its alcohol content is not higher than 94.8%, and Scotch whisky is usually aged in old oak barrels.

Is the quality of Ballantine’s special alcohol whisky good?
Answer: Ballantine special alcohol whiskey is a very good blended whiskey. Ballantine’s special alcohol is the best in Scotch whisky. It is blended with a variety of high-quality pure malt whiskies. The wine is crystal clear and fragrant, matching any soft drink, and can best play the charm of whiskey.

What is the general capacity of whiskey on the market?
Answer: Most of the whiskeys on the market are 70cl, which is 700ml, and some are 750ml. These are the two most common specifications. Of course, some wineries also produce large bottles.

What are the different meanings of the different colors of Johnnie Walker whiskey labels?
Answer: The red card of Johnnie Walker generally means blending and is more suitable for drinking with soda. The black card Johnnie Walker is deeper than the blue card but not as smooth as the blue card. In addition to ordinary black cards, there is also a strong black card version, which has a stronger smoky flavor. The blue-labeled Johnnie Walker has a rich taste, smooth texture and complex flavor. It can be said to be one of the iconic series of Johnnie Walker.

Can I lose weight by drinking whiskey?
Answer: Whiskey is a distilled alcohol and does not contain sugar. Even if there is no weight loss effect, it will not achieve the effect of weight gain. However, recent studies have shown that the aromatic components of whiskey and brandy can greatly increase the number of hormones that promote fat metabolism. At the same time, compared with other alcoholic beverages, whiskey is not easy to increase appetite, so drink some whiskey appropriately without worrying about overeating and gaining weight.

Are all whiskeys at 40 degrees? Is there any more than 40 degrees?
Answer: Most whiskeys have an alcohol content of 40%, which is also the most common on the market. Some whiskies have an alcohol content of 43%.

What are the common types of whiskey?
Answer: After that, the fermented wine must be matured in oak barrels for at least 3 years, and the alcohol content in the wine must not exceed 94.8%. In addition, according to the literal meaning, Scotch whisky must comply with the above regulations. It is also 100% brewed and matured in Scotland. 2. Bourbon whiskey Bourbon whiskey must be brewed with grain mixtures as raw materials, and the proportion of corn in the mixture should be at least 51%.

What should I pay attention to when drinking whiskey?
Answer: When drinking whiskey, especially when drinking pure whiskey, pay attention to the whiskey glass must not have water or oil, and there must be no peculiar smell, otherwise it will have a great impact on the flavor and taste of the whiskey. You can add ice, water, or other soft drinks when drinking. In addition, the alcohol content of whiskey is relatively high, so be careful not to drink too much.

What are the health benefits of drinking whiskey?
Answer:   The health value of whiskey:   1) Prevent cancer. For cancer patients, whiskey is a magical alcoholic beverage. It is rich in antioxidants, which can inhibit the growth of cancer cells. Ellagic acid in whiskey is a natural antioxidant that can prevent the spread of malignant cells and prevent DNA from coming into contact with certain carcinogens such as nitrosamines and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.

What country is Crown Whiskey produced?
Answer: CANADIANROYAL is a brand of Canadian whiskey with an alcohol content of 40%. Canadian whiskey is often considered to be a whiskey made from rye (rye), but in fact Canadian whiskey is an out-and-out grain whiskey made with a variety of grain materials including corn, rye, rye malt, and barley malt. .

How many bottles of whiskey can be filled in an oak barrel?
Answer: The standard capacity of Scottish bottled whiskey is 70cl. This standard became the standard of the entire European Union in 1993, but the United States is an exception. In the United States, the standard whiskey capacity is 75cl.

What is rye whiskey (Rye)?
Answer: Rye whiskey is the most complex of all whiskeys. The reason is mainly because the name of this whisky is derived from rye produced in Canada. Therefore, some people would think that rye whiskey should be made from rye pulp, but the actual situation is not always the case. . Since Canada was founded, it has continued the history of distilling rye.

What are the calories of whiskey, apple brandy and prosecco?
Answer: A pint of apple brandy has 210 calories; a small glass of whiskey has a calorie index of 64; a cup of Prosecco has a calorie content equivalent to 1g of sugar (80 calories).

Can you get drunk with chocolate milk tea and whiskey?
Answer: After mixing chocolate milk tea with whiskey, you can get drunk theoretically. It mainly depends on the amount of whiskey added. If it is too much, it is easier to get drunk. Compared with whiskey, the alcohol content is higher, generally at 40. %the above.

Will whiskey freeze at minus 60 degrees Celsius?
Answer: The freezing point of alcohol is minus 115 degrees Celsius. Whether or not whiskey freezes has a lot to do with the cost of whiskey, so the freezing point of almost every bottle of whiskey is different. Generally speaking, alcoholic beverages with high alcohol content like whiskey will not freeze at minus 60 degrees Celsius.

What is whiskey?
Answer: Whiskey (Whisky or Whiskey) is a type of spirits. It is made from grains such as barley, rye, oats, wheat, and corn, which are fermented and distilled, then aged in oak barrels, and finally blended. A very famous distilled spirit.

What is the difference between blended whiskey and pure malt whiskey?
Answer: Malt Whisky is made entirely from barley and no other grains are added. After distillation, the alcohol content of the liquor is as high as about 63%, and the peat is used to smoke and dry the barley malt, which is the source of the aroma of the peat. Pure malt whisky must also be distilled in a kettle-type distillation pot when distilling.

What are the requirements for raw materials, ageing time, etc. for brewing Irish whiskey?
Answer: Irish whiskey refers to whiskey produced in the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland. Like Scotch, the alcohol content of this type of whiskey must be less than 94.8%. Irish whiskey is usually brewed from a grain mixture based on barley (approximately 80%).

What is the national wine of Britain?
Answer: The national wine of the United Kingdom is Scotch Whisky. The rugged and heroic nature of the Scots makes people sigh with emotion. The blood flowing in the blood of the Scottish gentlemen is not blood, but whiskey. As a life potion full of national sentiments, the whisky produced in Scotland, England has a history of more than 500 years and is well-known in the world.

What does blended Scotch whisky mean?
Answer: The blended whiskey in Scotch whisky is actually also called blended whiskey (Blended Whisky), which is a blend of pure malt whiskey and grain whiskey. Generally, grain whiskey is mostly distilled in a tower distillation pot. The raw materials used are wheat malt, barley malt and unmalted barley.

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