How to drink whiskey?

How to drink whiskey?

Although most of the time drinking whiskey is about being at ease, you can drink it as you feel comfortable, but if you really want to appreciate the charm of whiskey, it is best to try the drinking method handed down by the seniors.

After all, these drinking methods have passed the test of time, and each drinking method will make people experience a different new feeling of whiskey.

Water cutting

The “water cut method” was originally one of the drinking methods of Japanese sake, but in order to stimulate the sluggish alcohol consumption market after World War II, Japanese wine merchants grafted this drinking method to whiskey. But what is unexpected is that this drinking method seems to be tailor-made for whiskey. It not only reduces the spicyness of whiskey perfectly, but also highlights the aroma and sweetness.

First put a large ice cube in the glass, then pour whiskey and water (usually 30ml whiskey + 75ml water) in a ratio of 1:2.5. This is the “water cutting method”. The whiskey diluted with ice cubes and water is not as strong and stimulating as originally, but it presents a light and elegant flavor, which is very suitable for catering.

If you can’t stand the high alcohol content of whiskey, but want to experience the original mellow taste of whiskey, you might as well try the “water cutting method”.

Water cutting,whiskey drinking methods


“Highball” is actually a collective term for a series of spirits + carbonated drink cocktails. Gin and Tonic is Highball, and using Erguotou with Coke is also Highball. But the most common one is whiskey and soda.

The Highball drinking method originated from the United Kingdom can be said to be popular all over the world, but the Japanese are the most poisoned. The Japanese say that a friend who has not drunk Highball together in an izakaya is not a real friend.

And speaking of the specific drinking method of Highball, it is also very simple. First prepare a long and thin Highball cup, then fill the cup with 3-4 square ice cubes, and then pour in about 30ml of whiskey and 100ml of soda water in turn, and finally stir well. If you want to add another fragrance, you can also add lemon slices.

Because of the bubble properties of soda water, it will make this whiskey drink very refreshing, and it will also make the body of the whiskey lighter.

In the hot summer, it is not necessary to eat watermelon to relieve the heat. A cup of Highball like this is also very good.

Pure drink

In the sacred place of whiskey-Islay, most people admire pure drinking. They believe that not adding any drinks to whiskey and tasting it directly at room temperature is the greatest respect for the “water of life” whiskey.

If Highball feels free, unrestrained, and unruly, then pure drink feels conservative, prudent and mature. Pure drinking allows people to experience the most original flavor of whiskey to the greatest extent. Savor carefully, the aroma and mellowness of whiskey will roll in the mouth.

If you want to drink purely, the choice of cups is also sloppy, it is best to choose “tulip cups.” Because the mouth of the glass is slightly closed, the aroma of the whiskey will be more concentrated and slowly emitted.

Add ice

Are you supposed to drink whiskey cold?
Is whiskey good with ice?

Enlarge the ice cube/hockey puck, this drinking method is more common. Add a large ice cube or puck in a small glass, and then pour the whiskey directly. It should be noted that the ice cubes must be large, and crushed ice cannot be added, because crushed ice will melt faster and will dilute the taste of whiskey.

Since the temperature of the ice is very low, large ice cubes/hockey balls and a relatively slow melting speed can effectively lock part of the aroma and spicy taste of the whiskey. After the ice slowly melts into water, the aroma of the wine will slowly begin to release, and the aftertaste will be longer.

Therefore, drinking whiskey with ice, there is no special feeling at first, but the surprise is behind, and the rich aroma of the wine is waiting for you in the back.

Add water

In Scotland, there is a saying: Never drink whiskey without adding water, and never drink without whiskey. In the eyes of the Scottish people, whiskey without water has no soul.

There are two basic laws to add water to whiskey. The first is to just drop a few drops of pure water. These few drops of pure water seem to have the same magical power. After the drops, the aroma in the wine is opened. Although the aroma is not very amazing, the aroma of the mouth is very distinct, which can clearly distinguish the various aromas of the whiskey.

The second method is to add water and whiskey in a ratio of 1:1, which can effectively reduce the choking smell caused by high alcohol content, and it is also conducive to the release of aroma.

Hot Whiskey Toddler

The previous introductions are some of the more classic drinking methods, and then I will introduce a way to break the convention.

Boil the whiskey with sugar cubes and honey, then add fresh lemon juice, cinnamon and other spices. Whiskey, which looks a bit like a “dark dish”, became a must-have drink for every family in the harsh winter in Scotland in the 15th century. Drinking a cup of hot whiskey tote before going to bed will not only warm up your body, but the mellow aroma of whiskey can also help you sleep.

Although there are many ways to drink whiskey, none of them can be used by alcoholics all over the world. People who are not strong enough to drink do not need to be obsessed with pure drinking; friends who enjoy the thrill of high alcohol content do not need to add water to wrong themselves.

There is no correct way to drink, only the best way to drink.

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