How to choose a whiskey glass? Shopping Guideline:All you should know about buying whiskey glasses

With the rise of minimalism in recent years, wine lovers like me have found that they need fewer and fewer types of wine glasses. Most of the time, as long as a good enough goblet can eat all kinds of occasions.

However, for most whiskey lovers, things are not so smooth…not only do they need different glasses, different experts or wineries to concentrate on tasting and enjoy privately, but they also like to come up with the opposite theory to promote Each cup type.

This time I list some of the most common and classic whiskey glasses. Most of them can be easily bought on Amazon, if you like, you can search and search. With limited knowledge, it is inevitable that there are inadequacies. I hope to bear with me.

What are the different types of whiskey glasses?

Why are whiskey glasses heavy?

How big are whiskey glasses?

What are good whiskey glasses?

These are all questions that whiskey enthusiast like to ask.

Whiskey tasting is nothing more than pure drinking, room temperature, no ice, and depending on the situation to decide whether to drop a few drops of water in order to release the aroma… The whiskey glass used for tasting is usually not too big, and despite the various shapes, there are square or Cylindrical or gourd-shaped, etc. From a closer look, it is nothing more than a combination of three forms: “closed or wide mouth”, “big belly or small belly”, and “cup rim expanded or straight rim”.

Nosing Whiskey Glasses

Stomach/Close up/Straight edge of the cup

Also known as the smelling cup, the most famous is the Glencairn Official Whisky Glass produced by Glencairn Crystal, which is regarded as a classic not to be missed by many fans and distillers.

The slender mouth of the scenting cup can help your nose quickly capture the necessary aroma, and at the same time it has no reservations about some irritating and defective aromas. The slender body can be used to conveniently observe the color of the spirits. Sometimes there are two parallel notches on the body of the wine glass, which are used to mark the best wine injection line and water injection line respectively, so that everyone can control the water injection volume.

Finally, it is very intimate. The solid bottom and small body of the wine glass allow you to put the wine glass in your pocket without any pressure and carry it freely.

In addition to Glencairn Glass, there are many wine glass manufacturers that produce Nosing Glass specifically for whisky tasting, but the basic shape still retains the shape of the belly, the mouth, and the concave wall of the cup.

The fragrance cup produced by Schott uses elegant tall feet

However, for whiskey with higher alcohol content or peat flavor, it will be more pungent in this cup without adding water. In addition, this type of cup is usually too small, plus a small closure, so it is only suitable for sipping. When you want to drink slowly, it may be inconvenient to use.

Copita Nosing Whiskey Glasses

Stomach/Close up/Straight edge of the cup

This is a kind of deformed fragrance smelling cup. Compared with other wine glasses that focus on tasting, its wall expands rather than retracts. It is said that this will make it easier for tasters to shake their glasses, speed up sobering, and smell more delicate aromas.

Although this kind of wine glass is used more and more in professional competitions, few people really spend money to buy this wine glass…Because, isn’t this just a wine ISO glass?

The NEAT Whiskey Glasses

Big belly/close mouth/outside the cup edge

The name of this long wine glass that is reminiscent of a spittoon is NEAT, short for “Natural Power Aroma Technology”.

The wide-mouth design allows the tip of your tongue to contact the wine for the first time, which is believed to enhance your perception of the sweetness in this wine, while also appropriately alleviating the stimulation of alcohol when smelling the fragrance. And a wide enough belly ensures a lot of air contact, which can make your wine oxidize faster, and better display those complex and changeable delicate whiskeys.

I have never used this type of glass myself. From Amazon reviews, it is very polarized. Many opponents said that this glass greatly smoothed out the nuances between a lot of whiskeys and made sip tasting meaningless…

Riedel Vinum Single Malt Glass

Belly/wide mouth/outside the cup edge

Riedel, who is committed to designing a glass for each wine, naturally has not forgotten whiskey. In fact, more than one design…

The special thing about this Vinum glass is that it is different from most whisky tasting glasses, and it completely abandons the closing design. According to the official statement, this design can ensure that every drop of whiskey will be sobered on the way it slips into your mouth… to ensure that every bite is silky and smooth… This feature, many fans commented that they did not feel it.

The most intuitive feature of this cup is the open design, which greatly weakens most of the aroma of spirits, including some pungent smells… It will be a better choice for some heavy peat or high alcohol wines.

Other types of Whiskey glasses

In addition to the glasses mentioned above, there are actually many whiskey glasses of different shapes. In addition, including wine glasses and brandy glasses, the glasses used to taste other wines can also be used to taste whiskey.

However, the ever-changing traditions, no matter how many forms of whisky glasses, are still making a fuss about oxidation speed, aroma gathering and taste influence.

Of course, even though there are so many different styles of whiskey glasses, lovers always have reasons to give themselves more.

Collectible whiskey glasses

In terms of collection, the classic whiskey glasses that appear most often are not suitable for pure drinking. The straight mouth, wide, and belly shape makes it difficult for the whiskey in this kind of glasses to gather the aroma, and it always oxidizes early.

Although this kind of glass is mainly suitable for tasting whiskey with ice (on rock) or cocktails… but it is the standard for drinking whiskey in various film and television works, completely because of good-looking.

The common classic whiskey glasses are usually made by the old crystal glass manufacturers, and they are elegant and thick in shape and pleasing to the eye. I list some common types of manufacturers, which can usually be purchased through e-commerce channels.

Wine glasses from an established wine manufacturer

Established wine brands will naturally not give up the whisky market. Classic wine makers such as Schott Zwiesel from Germany, Baccarat from France and Riedel from Austria have all launched their own whisky tasting cups. These whiskey glasses usually inherit the light and transparent characteristics of the same wine glasses, and most of them are elegant, simple and light.


Among all the whiskey brands, Riedel deserves a separate mention… This Austrian glass manufacturer adheres to the spirit of “making a glass for each wine” and has produced several whiskies with different shapes and different effects. Wine glass. Its sub-brand Nachtmann also produced several thick-shaped and carved styles.

Classic crystal glass manufacturer

European veteran crystal glass manufacturers produce many simple shapes. There are so many varieties of whiskey glasses and decanters from different eras and series, which is dizzying. Most of these wine glasses are classical and heavy, with fine glyphs, and have a good pressing feel.

Japanese whiskey glass

Not only did Japanese whiskey come from behind in the industry, but many craftsmen blended traditional oriental colors with whiskey glasses that gave people a refreshing feeling.

Of course, there are many very high-quality whiskey glasses not mentioned here. If you have a wine glass you like, you are welcome to share it with you in the comments.

Where to buy whiskey glasses?Want some whiskey glasses for sale?

If you are a boy’s girlfriend or a man’s wife, father’s daughter, so many festivals a year, you may have a headache: what should be given to them as gifts on each festival is the most appropriate. Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Anniversary, etc. . . . If your husband or dad is a whiskey lover, then sending a whiskey glass with a wooden box may be the best choice. If they don’t like it, you can also give it to them as a collection.I list almost all the whiskey glasss they may like below,you can click and check if them are suitable or not:

Some suggestions about using whiskey glasses

How to clean whiskey glasses?

We are now accustomed to using glasses to taste whiskey, and we had better rinse it in time after drinking. If you find this troublesome, you must remember to clean it at least once a day. You can clean it at night, and then dry it. It can be used the next day. When we clean, we must not only clean the mouth of the cup, but also the cup. The body, the bottom of the double-layer glass and the wall should not be ignored, especially the bottom of the cup, which is not often cleaned, and many bacteria and impurities may precipitate. Today I will teach you a few tips! Simple and easy

1. Edible salt: Salt is what we eat every day. You have to rinse the cup first, then use a spoon to dig a spoonful of salt into the cup, rub your hand on the place where there is tea dirt, so that the transparent The bottom of the cup appeared.

2. Mung beans: Mung beans can also quickly clean the bottom of our cup. We need to prepare two spoons of thick and a little mung beans, put these two things into the cup, and then cover the bottle and shake it vigorously. Yes, through the friction between mung beans and dirt, they can come down quickly.

3. Alcohol: Pay attention to the concentration of alcohol, use 75% medical alcohol. Pour about 15ml of alcohol into a dry glass, scrub the inner wall of the cup with a piece of clean gauze, and rinse with water after washing.

  • Toothpaste: When cleaning the toothpaste, make sure that the cup is clean. If there is water, its cleaning is not obvious. Your glass must be cleaned in time, so as to be beneficial to our health.

Can you freeze whiskey glasses?

Can the glass be kept in the refrigerator?

It’s okay to keep it cold.

The refrigerator compartment will not freeze, and the moisture in the food will not change its shape.

What can’t be put in the freezer, especially the liquid in the bottle.

The liquid changes from liquid to solid, and the volume will increase. In a closed glass bottle, there is a high probability that the bottle will break. This is the reason why the glass bottle that stores liquid cannot be placed in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator.

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