How smart can your house be?

Do you know? Traditional curtains are outdated

If you look closely, you will find that these short videos have one thing in common: let you wow a wow after you see it.

I had a similar experience. I remember traveling last year. After entering the homestay and inserting the door card, the curtains were slowly opened at the same time when the lights in the room were lit. Although it is just a small detail, the sea view from the window makes people see. Immediately intoxicated!

smart curtains

Imagine that when you return home every day, the curtains of the balcony can be slowly opened to send you the beautiful scenery outside the window. Isn’t it beautiful?

What’s more worth mentioning is that this kind of smart curtain greatly liberates our hands, and makes the tedious and “have to draw” a simplification in life! Just like smart curtains, it can be operated by mobile phone APP, remote control and other methods. No other peripherals or adapters are needed. On the sofa and bed, you can close or open the curtain with one key, and you no longer need to pull up The curtains are troubled.

At the same time, it can be compatible with the whole house smart home system, and can also control or set the associated scene mode through the panel, switch, etc. For example, you can set the sleep mode through the smart panel. Before going to bed every day, you can click the smart panel to start the sleep mode, or issue related voice commands to the Xiaoyou speaker. The smart lights and smart curtains will be automatically closed. Moreover, unlike the harsh pulling sound of traditional curtains, the unique mute property of the intelligent curtain DC motor seems to be silent during operation, giving you a truly silent environment. If you are still in a “fight” with traditional curtains, it is better to let smart curtains rescue your hands and let you experience the charm of the whole house from the subtleties!

“Being locked outside the door” is no longer an unsolvable problem

There are thousands of problems in the world. What problems have you been troubled by?

Is it an “insomnia” to stay up late, unable to fall asleep, or a “waking-up disorder” that has a false alarm clock and is late every day? Is it a “lonely patient” who returns home from work and opens the door to darkness, or is it a “barrier to cooking” caused by kitchen safety accidents when he is interested in cooking?

But in recent months, “being locked outside” has become an unsolvable problem!

smart door ring

A recent story case:

The young couple anxiously fetched the courier and grabbed the door. As the door closed, the male owner suddenly found that he had forgotten to bring his mobile phone, and he asked the female host to open the door to pick up the mobile phone. Therefore, their current task is not to take delivery, but to open the door. The phone was called the unlocking company, but I didn’t bring my mobile phone. When I went out to the store to find someone to unlock it, I found that I didn’t wear a mask. For a while, the two were speechless … In today’s social situation, anything that needs to mobilize “foreign resources” is more difficult. For example, the faucet of the editor who has been broken for 1 month has not been obtained so far. service. It is even more common to forget to bring a mobile phone and a key when going out. In order to avoid getting into the above difficulties, the editor recommends that an intelligent door lock be installed to prevent accidents! As far as the door opening method is concerned, opening a smart door lock is not restricted by a single method. Fingerprints, passwords, mobile apps, etc. can be unlocked. You can choose the appropriate unlocking method according to the needs of the situation. In most cases, fingerprint unlocking is of course a time-saving and labor-saving way to open doors, but accidents often occur in life.

For example, when a fingerprint-entered mobile phone is accidentally injured, the door can be opened by entering a password. When the pets in the family need to ask the neighbors to feed because they cannot return home in a short time, they can remotely send the temporary password to the neighbors through the mobile APP to make the door open smoothly. The multiple door opening methods of the smart door lock and the experience of linking the whole house with intelligence have made it a “enjoy” to open the door and go home.

In fact, many problems in the world are not unsolved, but you have not yet found a suitable answer. Regarding the problems of home life, Whole House Intelligence will provide users with scientific scene solutions through multiple dimensions such as whole house security, whole house intelligent control, whole house network, and whole house perception!

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