What are the advantages and disadvantages of the combination of “washing and drying integrated washing machine” and “washing machine + dryer”?

First of all, I think that these two combinations cannot distinguish the superiority and the inferiority of a certain point, but only have advantages and disadvantages in different scenarios, so I will briefly introduce them in the following answers.

Before comparing the advantages and disadvantages of the washing and drying machine and the washing machine + dryer, let’s first understand their principles, so that you can compare them more intuitively:

Household dryers are generally divided into straight-line dryers, heat-pipe water-condensation dryers, heat-pipe air-condensation dryers, and heat-pump air-condensation dryers. Among them, the structure of straight-line condensation dryers is relatively simple , The cost is relatively low, it is a relatively low-end machine on the market, the price is generally around 200 dollars, but it consumes much power; the heat pump air condensing dryer is currently the highest-end dryer on the market, and the temperature of the hot air it blows More uniform, drying the same amount of clothes, lower power consumption, and heat only circulates inside the machine, the temperature of the air discharged from the machine is comparable to room temperature, and will not have any impact on the surrounding environment, so the price is also the highest, at 700-1200 dollars .

When all types of dryers are working, the principle is that the air pump sucks cold air, and the air is heated after passing through the heating module, forming a high-temperature air flow to blow to the wet clothes, to achieve the effect of rapid drying of the clothes, after alternating cold and hot, the air temperature Lowered and carried water vapor by the air pump and sent out of the inner barrel.

The integrated washing and drying machine integrates the heating and blowing equipment of the dryer directly into the washing machine, and the drum is shared, so that the drying program can be directly run after the laundry program is run, and the problem of laundry drying can be solved at one time. Of course, due to space limitations, the washing capacity of the integrated washing and drying machine is generally greater than the drying capacity.

Below we will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the two from different aspects.

In terms of space, the combination of washing machine + dryer is generally chosen to be arranged side by side or stacked up and down. If the washing machine and dryer are placed side by side, they generally occupy more than 1 square meter of space than the washing and drying machine, plus the operation 1.5 square meters of space is possible, this part of the space is the actual loss of space. In large cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, if you live in a small apartment or apartment, it is a waste to reserve 1 to 1.5 square meters of space for the dryer.

The advantages of the washing and drying machine are at this time.

In terms of price

If compared with mainstream products, there is no big difference between the two. At present, the price of mainstream 8 kg dryers is around 1000 dollars, the price of mainstream 8 kg washing machines is around 550 dollars, and the total price of the two is around 1000-1200 dollars. The price of 8 kg of washing and drying machine is about 500-1000dollar (generally 8 kg of washing and drying machine is limited by space and the drying capacity is about 5-6 kg), so from the price point of view, the price of washing and drying machine should be Relatively affordable.

In terms of convenience

The washing and drying machine has more obvious advantages. The combination of “washer + dryer” must be put into the dryer in time after the washing machine finishes the laundry, otherwise it is easy to cause mold and bacteria to grow on the clothes, and the washer-dryer throws in the dirty clothes, adjusts the program and takes it out The only thing you can wear is clean clothes. You do n’t need to think about washing them out and put them in the dryer in time. So we make a scenario guess: we who are all office workers may have this experience and receive a party temporarily. The notification is not terrible, it is terrible if there is no clothes to wear. If the home is a washing and drying machine, choose the program before work, go home from work, you can take out the washed clothes and wear it directly; and if you choose to be If the washing machine + dryer is combined, the clothes are washed after coming back from work, but the clothes are wet and cannot be worn directly. You need to wash the clothes in the middle before taking them out from the washing machine and drying them in the dryer. In the middle of waiting time, it is easy to breed bacteria. Therefore, the experience of washing and drying machine should be significantly better than the “washer + dryer” combination. Another point is that split-type clothes dryers generally have a water collection box, which must be manually drained when the water is full, and because the washing and drying machine has a drainage system, there is no need to periodically pour the water in the water collection box.

Drying effect

Finally, let ’s talk about the drying effect that everyone is most concerned about. The early “washer + dryer” combination is better than the integrated washing and drying machine. As mentioned earlier, the same capacity of the washing and drying machine has the same capacity. The drying capacity is generally slightly smaller than the washing capacity. However, with the development of technology, the current integrated technology of washing and drying has become increasingly mature, and the drying effect of high-end washing and drying integrated machines can be completely comparable to the combination of “washing machine + dryer”. As far as I know, most of Haier’s washing and drying machines have a drying capacity of 6KG, which can meet the daily laundry and drying needs. In response to the problem of poor drying effect, the Casa Di Yunshang series washing and drying machine uses V6 steam ironing technology and is equipped with an intelligent sensor that can sense the degree of drying of the clothes and intelligently adjust the drying temperature and drying according to the degree of drying Drying time, so that clothes stop immediately, to ensure the effect of drying.

So if the family house area is not large, the balcony and bathroom space is very limited, and it is an office worker who pays attention to efficiency, it is recommended to choose a washing and drying machine to save space and time. Of course, it can also save money.

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