iRobot Roomba i7 +丨Best robot vacuum for pet owners

The United States, the world’s largest number of pets, has a pet penetration rate of 68%, and has long been familiar with and experienced in handling pet cleaning issues. The iRobot Roomba i7+ robot vacuum, which was listed on the Time Magazine’s World’s Top 50 Invention Lists in 2018, relied on its ability not only to clean the floor, but also of Automatic Dirt Disposal-Empties. It completely rescued the pet crowd from the bitter sea of cleaning hair which leads to hot sales.

iRobot Roomba i7+

Considering the special needs of pet people, an ideal robot vacuums for pet owners not only needs to effectively clean up a large amount of hair, but also should avoid the problem of hair entanglement, so that it is easy to clean and easy to use. The peak of intelligence in the field of cleaning has led a new cleaning revolution for pet owners.

Best robot vacuum cleaner for pet hairUnique Dual Multi Surface Rubber Brushes don’t get tangled with pet hair

First of all, Roomba i7 + ‘s patented Dual Multi Surface Rubber Brush is a hair suction artifact tailored for pets. Reduces hair tangling. Even if a small amount of hair remains on the rubber brush, the work of the rubber brush will be replaced. The V-shaped tire pattern is replaced with the replacement of the two ends of the rubber brush. When cleaning, only tap the rubber stick on the edge of the trash can. Just shake off the hair in the pointer, the design is very user-friendly. In addition to the powerful suction for vacuuming, the double-sided and multi-sided rubber brushes are also very sophisticated in engineering design. The two rubber rod tire patterns look different from each other. They are separate and different from each other. They are working. It will rotate towards each other at high speed, effectively transferring the hair and dust on the carpet, wooden floor, and tile.

Dual Multi Surface Rubber Brush

Hand-free robot vacuums丨 Clean Base™ Automatic Dirt Disposal Offload life

Roomba i7 + ‘s “+” stands for its latest black technology “Clean Base Automatic Dust Collecting Charger”. It can be used as a charging base for a robot vacuum, and it is also a vacuum cleaner, so its size is larger than expected. Each time the Roomba i7 is automatically scanned and returned to the charging stand, Clean Base will automatically remove the garbage from the dust collector of the cleaning robot and collect it in the built-in disposable garbage bag.

The benefits that this design brings to pet owners are not just as simple as dumping a little less garbage. When pets lose their hair in different seasons, the massive accumulation of hair must produce a huge drainage for pet owners, and the capacity of the robot vacuum and its dust box is always sighing. It can always meet the ground before it has been sucked, but The embarrassing situation where the dust box was full.The design of Clean Base completely solves this pain point. After the dust box of the robot vacuum is full, Roomba i7 will automatically return to Clean Base to empty the dust box, and then return to the place where it stopped before to continue cleaning. Never stop without completing the task.

dust container

You will definitely care how long the disposable dust bag in Clean Base can last. The official conservative statement is the volume of 30 dust bins. After the disposable dust bag is full, the user will be reminded via the iRobot Home App. The user only needs to open the lid above the Clean Base, take out the dust bag, and replace it with a new one. It is worth mentioning that when the dust bag is taken out, it will be automatically sealed to avoid the problem of secondary dust. Such a humanized design completely rescues the user from the dirty work of vacuuming and dumping garbage. With the Roomba i7 +, users can perform maintenance on the robot vacuum once in a few weeks. For the shovel officer with hairy children at home, the Roomba i7 + robot vacuum and Clean Base automatic dust collection system are undoubtedly an excellent solution.

With such a powerful automatic dust collection function, filtering performance is also very important. Therefore, the high-efficiency filter in the Roomba i7 dust box and the disposable dust bag provided by Clean Base can capture nearly 99% of pollen, mold, mites and other cat and dog allergens to protect hairy children’s parents health.

Imprint™ Smart Mapping丨A robot vacuumswhich know home better than you

In addition to the Clean Base automatic dust collection and charging stand, the Roomba i7 robot vacuum itself is also equipped with the world’s most advanced black technology-Imprint intelligent planning technology. In the initial stage of using Roomba i7, iRobot Home App will guide you to train the robot, that is, let it run a few times in your home, during which you can clean the ground at the same time, or you can only familiarize with the environment and not clean to save power. After three or four times, it will automatically create a plan of your house, and you can name where the kitchen is and where the living room is. This information is stored in Roomba i7’s brain, which is then used to optimize future cleaning tasks. With the iRobot HOME app, users can schedule cleaning tasks for single or multiple rooms at home anytime, anywhere.

Imprint™ Smart Mappin

The only disadvantage

If you want to say the disadvantages, it is that the i7 + is very expensive and costs as much as $699, but who knows that its performance and features are first-class! If you want the best product in robot vacuum cleaners, and don’t care about the price, then i7 + Is the best choice.

Where to buy iRobot Roomba i7+

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Amazon$699iRobot Roomba i7+
Bestbuy $699iRobot Roomba i7+
iRobot$699iRobot Roomba i7+
Walmart $699iRobot Roomba i7+

Where to buy iRobot Roomba i7+

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