Should I buy Dyson robot vacuum 360 heuristic

In the process of liberating hands to realize housework automation, the robot vacuum should be one of the most popular products at present.

It is closely related to the most primitive family appeal of “not wanting to do housework.” After all, people are inert. Especially in view of the fact that sweeping the floor is a kind of physical activity that lacks fun and lacks sense of achievement, the robot vacuum is obviously a warm existence that reduces part of the working pressure in the family.

It also benefits from the rapid evolution of technology. After the navigation and positioning algorithm is no longer exclusive to a few high-priced products, most robot vacuums have already gotten rid of the original “wandering” stage and started to plan routes and understand automatic obstacle avoidance , Can basically meet the needs of most people.

About Dyson robot vacuum 360 heuristic,after testing for a few months,I have some ideas to share.

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It might be most suitable robot vacuums for small apartment

It might be most suitable robot vacuums for small apartment

Small diameter

Dyson 360 heurist robot vacuum is very small, really small, this is my first thought after opening the box.

Some of its appearance details, such as the cylindrical dust bin, and the dark blue, light gray and brilliant red color combinations, can make you recognize at a glance that this product is made by Dyson.

But to say that the most obvious difference from other robot vacuums on the market is still that extremely compact and small shape.

The small size means that the Dyson 360 heurist robot vacuum can enter more narrow areas and clean the corners more thoroughly. In the past, a wide disc-type device such as stone was basically blocked from the outside, and Dyson robot vacuum could go unimpeded.

size smaller than other robot vacuums

Trouble:Higher height

However, the compression of the volume and the structure of the vertical dust bucket made Dyson 360 heurist vacuum controversial on another point, that is, its height.

In terms of parameters, the height of the Dyson robot vacuum is 120 mm, and the height of the stone robot vacuum is 96 mm. This makes it more like a “cylinder” than the “disk” of the stone.

Don’t underestimate the difference of 2 cm. After the launch of the first-generation Dyson 360 Eye robot vacuums a few years ago, someone complained to me that it was “too tall” and could not freely go in and out of the bed or sofa bottom. A “dwarf” disk-type robot vacuum would not have similar troubles.

higher height

3 Special features for Dyson robot vacuum 360 heuristic

Tank track

Its tank track is mainly used to deal with uneven terrain, such as small steps, sills, vertical fan bases, and even fluffy carpets. The walking wheels equipped by other robot vacuums will be slightly worse in obstacle surpassing ability.

However, the track of the tank is not 100% perfect. For example, when turning in place, the track will make a harsh “creak” sound, and the deflection operation is very frequent during operation, so the whistling of vacuuming and the turning of the track are click The clatter is intertwined, and it sounds like the industrial revolution at home.

Tank track

Brushes designed to be as wide as a robot vacuum body

In simple terms, the diameter of Dyson robot vacuum’s brush and the width of the product are basically the same, so there will be no omissions when cleaning.

In contrast, the length of the main brush of most robot vacumms is often shorter than the width of their own equipment. The solution they take is to collect dust inwards by using independent small side brushes.

New detection technology

At present, mainstream robot vacuums have basically selected LDS laser navigation and SLAM map algorithms, while Dyson relies on the fisheye lens on the top to identify the surrounding environment, and uses the ToF sensors on both sides to determine the position.

This solution has its advantages. For example, Dyson basically does not need to “crash” to determine the map boundary when cleaning, so it is not equipped with a collision bar like robot vacuums of other brands, and its obstacle avoidance ability is also better.

Sufficient suction power is still Dyson robot vacuums biggest advantage丨The best robot vacuums for pet hair

Excellent Motor, cyclone and duct technology

Speaking of the efficiency of “cleaning” alone, the performance of Dyson’s previous vacuum cleaners is probably unrivaled. This is behind Dyson’s years of exploration and research on motor, cyclone and air duct technology.

Even now, when I clean with an old V6 cordless vacuum cleaner, I will sigh about how hard it is to clean up debris, dust and hair.

This feature is also reflected on the Dyson robot vacuum 360 heurist. The Dyson V2 digital motor equipped with it can achieve a speed of 78000 rpm, which is officially said to be 20% higher than the original Dyson 360 Eye robot vacuum.

compare between dyson 360 eye and dyson 360 heurist

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Distinctive brushes

On the surface, the brush heads of most vacuum cleaners are nothing more than rubber-equipped bristles, but in fact the differences in structure and materials will also affect the dust collection ability and the convenience of later cleaning.

Taking the brush head of a robot vacuum of other brand I used before as an example, its nylon hair bundles will start to split after a long time, and the inserted hair is often wrapped around the replacement place where the brush head is inserted, which is very clean. awkward.

In contrast, Dyson’s brush head continues the quality of cordless vacuum cleaners. In addition to nylon, it has a layer of carbon fiber bristles that specifically captures fine dust. There is also no filling that easily gathers hair.

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As for battery life, the Dyson 360 heurist robot vacuum offers three power modes, of which the quiet mode can ensure 75 minutes of running time, while the standard mode is 35-40 minutes, and the powerful mode is 30 minutes.

From the actual use situation, Dyson’s noise in the standard and strong mode will be significantly higher than other brands, which has a certain relationship with its strong suction, and the noise in the quiet mode is similar to the standard mode of the stone.

Fortunately, if you have the habit of regular cleaning every day, then the quiet mode is enough. One full charge can basically sweep most houses below 100 square meters; the standard and powerful modes are more suitable for use when you are out.

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