To Jack&Daniel Lovers:which is the best old-fashioned whiskey glasses in 2019?

Some brands of liqueur drinking glasses (old-fashioned) which are sellers on

  • LUXU
  • Aozita

Of course,for many senior whiskey lovers they would find their way to the best whiskey glasses with great price,but,which is an online store,you would consider much more before you order especially for drinking glasses,you would care about Dietary safety,such like lead free or not?So great brands like libbey/Riedel are popular in USA,but may always be much more expensive than you can afford.

However,some producter which seem not to be very famous but professional enough to offer a lot of qualified drinking glasses which would be suitable for whiskey/scotch/cocktails/matini with a lower price,such as the ones I mentioned above.

MOFADO丨A brand of crystal glasses beatifully carved丨’Best choice’ of Gift on Father’s Day/Valentine’s Day but may not good for drinking


This one is listed on,its features:

  • 12 Ounce(oz)
  • Set of 2
  • Carved
  • Weight:15 ounce
  • For bourbon/scotch/cocktails/matini

This is a purely ‘gift’,why?Cause when put it into the dishwasher the coating would easily come off,you can check the review on amazon,it have so many good points but almost every review which is under 3 stars would mention this defect:

LUXU丨Old-fashioned Whiskey glasses with ‘Old-fashioned price’丨Price should be higher丨Set of 6 for $15.69 Only

I would keep my eyes on this product for 1 year,I think that these whiskey glasses are most valuable for money,its original price on list is $18.69 and now it has $3 coupon on page,which cut the price off to$15.69 which is for 6 sets!And quality?As image above,clear and solid.

Its features:

  • 11ounce(11oz)
  • Set of 6
  • Simple design
  • Old-fashioned
  • Heavy enough
  • Clear&Solid

I order a lot from this seller:LUXU from 2018,cause I own an grocery which sells also ‘kitchen’ tumbler,and some bartender also come to me for bar glasses,which require the glasses to be suitable for handhold and sturdy enough and also need to be valuable,so I recommend LUXU whiskey glasses which meet all these conditions.


Aozita丨Highly recommend for Vintage Funny Anniversary Gift Ideas for Mom丨Lowball whiskey glasses

Its features:

  • A milestone gift for forty 丨This year is 2019
  • No need to talk about this too much,images would say
Package Dimensions4.7 x 4.3 x 4.2 inches
Item Weight13.6 ounces


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