How to get free product?Method 1:Review

Leave an honest review and get a free product

  • Introduction

1.What is review?

‘Share the real use experience of yourself to others no matter disavantages or advantages,what you should do is to tell the truth.’

2.Why review is valuable?

  • Reviews decide to buy or not

You know that we have so many options of online marketplace stores like amazon/homedepot/walmart and so on,before we order we used to check the comments or reviews of the product,so it is very important cause it would influence your decision of shopping,to buy or not to buy,reviews would tell you.

3.You are welcome to review for the sellers

  • For the reason of Point ‘2’,the vendor or sellers of these stores would be very happy to offer free product to customers in exchange for a review,by the way,for a new product,some suggestions from trials would be source of inspiration for product to improve it.

4.How to get this kind of free product?

  • Facebook reviews groups
  • Review websites

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